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Easy Ways On How To Tell Someone You Are Not Interested In A Relationship

How to tell someone you Are Not Interested
Most times the way we parted with people matters a lot. Especially when it comes to the matters of the heart, it is so very important we handle it with utmost good care. It is possible a neighbor, a friend, a colleaque at work or a friend of a friend having crush on you and he/she is seriously asking you out for a relationship you are not interested.

Even though we are not seeing any relationship coming out of our familiarities...yet it can be really hard to tell someone we are close with, that we are not interested. It could be that we don't want to hurt their feelings, or because we don't want to lose the relationship.

With this, it becomes necessary to device a proper means of communicating our view to them. Therefore, here are some tips on how to effectively tell someone who is asking you out, that you are not interested without losing the friendship and without hurting them.

1) You Have To Be Honest With Them: Telling the truth is always the best policy in all situations. I've seen so many ladies rejecting a relationship proposal under the pretence of  "already been in a relationship” or “ just ended a serious relationship." While they were not.

You have to be sincere and be seen to Be transparent enough to believe. Don't tell them you are engaged if you are not. Telling them lies can be hurtful if found out to be untrue and can make some loses integrity and trust in you.

2) Don't See Them Too Often: Too much attention leads to affection. Since you seem not to be interested in the relationship, you don't have to give all the time they demanded from you. Avoiding them gradually can make the situation easier for both of you. 

This can be done by filling up our schedule with things to do and keeping busy, we can honestly say we do not have time for a relationship or outing at present. If you are not interested in a relationship and you keep giving them enough time and commitment as much as they demanded, you are likely to hurt them if you insist.

3) Tell Them At The Right Time And Place: You don't have to waste too much time on this before you can tell them. Make yourself clear to them as soon as possible. Don't place their expectation on a high side before you will tell them you are not interested in the relationship.

 Also, you need to be aware of their situation and schedule before telling them. It is inapproriate to tell someone who really loves you that you are not interested in a public place with friends or while he or she is studying for an exam.

Since we want the person to be receptive to what we are saying, if their mind is on other things or they are already stressed, they may not be very receptive to what we are telling them.

Though telling them in a public place can be okay but just make sure there will not be friends close by in order for you to save he or she any embarrassment.

4) Show More Interest In Your Friendship With Them: This is only applicable to someone who is already our friend. We need to let them know how much we value their friendship and would hate for anything to damage that relationship. Tell them how much you will appreciate it, if he/she can let maintain the frienship.

Though we are saying it in a polite and calm manner but yet, we are still rejecting them emotionally and they are likely to understand us better.

Honestly, everyone deserves respect and
we all want to be treated kindly and with respect, so we should treat those we are not interested in romantically just as we would want to be treated if we also ask someone out. 

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