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Easy Ways To Find And Turn Your Passion To Career

<how to change your passion to career
Getting the job you love is one of the most difficult dream to achieve in recent time. It's so tough that so many of us assumed it is impossible to get the work we love and have passion for. So as a result, millions of people engaged themselves in a work they've never been happy seeing themselves in. Forgetting that, getting a job of our dream is all about turning our passion to career. Or what do you think could be more interesting than doing what we like and earning millions of cash?

As human being on earth, we all have what we are so passionate about. We know what we so much love that we can't just stop doing. Instead of waiting for someone else to employ us, why don't we convert that passion to career and earn a living from it?

The problem is that, majority of us had a wrong thinking that pursuing our passions is an elusive dream that won’t be realized. We often feel like very few individuals are able to convert their passion for a career

Passion can be discovered and transformed into a fulfilling career. We just need to know how to look for it and what to do when we find it. And possibly the best way to turn it to a profesion.

Example Of Different Passions That Has Been Turned A Career.

I observed that, the reason why most people don’t pursue what they are truly passionate about is because they don’t think it’s a career worthy. So mant of us love things like blogging, dancing, music, technology, business strategy or writing but feel they don’t have any means of earning from it.

Do you know that every professional football player that are earning hundreds of thousand of pounds on a weekly basis today started it by pursuing a passion?

All those popular singers you so much love to hear, listen to or aspired to be like started it in form of a passion for music? So many started singing in the Church, in the School, among friends... at a time when it has never occur to them that they can go these far in life.

Take fitness trainers, for instance, its their passion to look fit. Thereafter, they often turn their active lifestyle into a career because they are inspired to help others experience the same health benefits that they have.   And from doing that they earn money.

So also actors on the other hand have often been personally moved by certain performances and are driven to instill that same emotional feeling into their audience as well. That's how their passion is turn to careers.

Every passion they had were fueled by emotional motivations. The major reason they feel so passionately about doing those things was not to earn a living at a start, but because it was connected to their lives and unlock their deepest emotions.

I've seen so many popular writers who earn a living from literary career they came into while trying to do what they are passionate about. Out there, are countless numbers of bloggers, earning a so much attractive income than doctors  or lawyers, without doing anything than pursuing their passions.

Personally, I started  putting down in writing what goes on around me, without knowing its a worthy career I could ever earn from. Until I noticed so many people are interested in what I  do.

On so many occasions, I've been contacted by interested readers, who begged and encouraged me, to keep writing, that they would love to read my posts on a daily basis.

The first time I received such a call, I was so surprised and could not hide my feelings. So I was forced to ask the lady that, what actually got her interested in my posts, as majority of my articles are more about my personal life and happenings around me.

From her reply, I then came to realise that, with very consistent efforts in doing what you like, thousands of people would show interest and that makes it easier for you to turn it into a lucrative career.

You can do it, you can make it happen to you, yes you can. All that it requires of you is to find out what your passion is, pursue it and turn it into a profitable career. You want to try it today?

The following; steps will guide you through this process of finding your passion

1) You need to write out the list of all interested things you love doing on a daily basis. They could be so many at a start, you like playing football, you like singing and and numerous others. Which make it difficult for you to know the exact one you have great passion for. Don't worry, write all out.

2) Choose five most interested ones among all.

3) Rank those five in your order of interest and performance.

4) Choose the number one followed by number two.

5) Put more efforts on the first one and find the relevant industries to that passion. Try as much as possible to find the field, that  is align with the passion you just choosed

Turning Your Passion To  A Career 

This is the final level and most difficult one. At this point, you have to activate your passion into career. Once you’ve  been  able to identify the most passionate one to you, the final step is to translate it into a career path.

For instance, you like playing football, and reasonable numbers of people had applouded your performance on the field. Why not take a step further by registering yourself with a more professional football teams in town? Learn new thing from them and display your own talents as well. You could be the next player they will send abroad from that team.

You are a good writer, instead of running away from it because you felt it could not fetch you money, while not writing for people that would be ready to pay you while you write for them?

There are just so many ways on which you can turn your passion to career. So don't settle for less.

I hope this helps?


  1. My thoughts exactly this morning, that if you consistently do what you love, people will like it and from there you will make money and become famous.

    1. are right. just keep doing it. people will fall in love with it.

  2. Persistency is all that matters once you are sure of what you wanna do

    1. the willingness and determination of not giving up is important as you said. thanks for the addition

  3. Nice one dear.

  4. To add to this, the reason why most people don’t pursue what they are passionate about is because they're afraid of failure. Thanks for this inspiring piece Uthman

  5. Discovering the talent is key! I get a lot of people asking me about the kind of business they should venture into. my response is always "What are you passionate about", What do you like doing even if nobody pays for it"
    We are all discovering ourselves!
    This is a great piece Uthman


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