Tuesday, 10 November 2015

How Is Your Year Going And What About Your New Year Resolution?

How to set and achieve a new year resolution
Today, its about 51days into another new year, which means you've spent roughly above 300days in this fast running year. someone who had not achieved any set objective throughout the year would find it extremely to fast and unbelievable.

Just like every other new year, this year did not come without our usual and traditional new year resolutions. We made so many vows and developed so many strategies to achieve them.

Let compare the numbers of days in a year with a book of 365pages. Surprisingly, within a blink of an eye, we've just tore away 314 pages out of a book in which the full chapters is just 365pages. Now we are to account for how the tore pages were used.

 Various Dimensions Of Failed Resolution

We are all familiar with the tradition of New Year’s resolutions. They’re life-affirming in theory, but most of these vows are made too early in the year, are not sustainable, and get broken almost immediately.

You are in academics, and your plan for this year was to attain another higher degree in your field. Now the days are almost exhausted but nothing yet has been done on it.

As writer, in other to showcase your talent, by January this year, you planned to write a new book and create a blog for yourself.What happened to that book and where is the blog address? Have you started it? Is it at the proof reading or review stage? Or yet no work has commenced on it since till now?

You are such a passionate lady about make up. Everyone admires the way you make up yourself. People appreciate your look and so many ladies do come around for you to help them out whenever they have an important outing to attend. Early this year, you made a resolution to learn make up from professionals just for you to turn your passion to career. Have you done that? You still said...NO!

Those of us in business what happened to that new year business plan? Have you reached out to those business partners you wanted to start up with? Mind you this is November and December may already been too late to achieve it. Are you giving up on it? Or let me just assumed, your new year resolution has failed?

I realized quiting what you are addicted to is not a day job. We all know that changing yourself is a battle against your internal resistance. That's why you reserved the whole 2015 to quit your smoking habit gradually.

Now, from January to November, how distanced are you with smoking and alcoholism? Or you just imagine if it is ever possible to quit, because of your present dependent relationship with smoking.

Failed To Achieve Your New Year Resolution Already? These are the reasons:

Now you've already failed in all and off the target, but instead of beating yourself up for not hitting your targets every year. It would be helpful to ask yourself some revealing questions about your plans and why you failed in all.

1) Do You had an extremely too large goal?: The major hindrance that always stop us from achieving a set goal is extremism. A too large goal for a new year resolution is more or less like setting an unrealistic goal for oneself.

As a junior civil servant at work, you might not be able to buy an apartment in the most expensive areas in Lagos or Abuja from your earnings. But you can buy land somewhere else and start. It’s what happens as a result of the small choices you make on a daily basis that would lead to your achievement. 

Small goal make you feel more successful in life when you make any progress while,
the larger your goal, the bigger the chance of you getting discouraged and quit early. 

2) Do You Have Unbalanced Goals?: This is a problem faced by so many people. They want to achieve everything in one year. So they included all in their new year resolution.

If your goal is very time-consuming, it might interfere with other important areas of your life, and this can cause a negative association with your goal. Or if you set too many goals, they might cause you to burn out and lose the progress you made. 

Having a balanced goals makes your life fulfilling, and encourage you to continue with the change.

3) Do You Procrastinate?: This is the greatest thief of time. I will start tommorow, when tommorow comes we shift and postpone it to another tomorrow. Now its November, and our tomorrow is still tomorrow. And nothing has been achieved.

Its a month and some days to go out of 2015, if you have just failed your resolution for this year, it’s time to take a hard look at the strategies you’ve been using. If you’ve been failing, it’s because your willpower and motivation are no match for the goals you’re throwing at them. 

What is required of you is to start small and build up into something bigger in life.


  1. I think i've done much more better than the previous 3years although i haven't yet fulfilled all what i earlier plan this year.

    1. wow....am happy bros you've improved. Nice. thanks for the comment.

  2. i think i have achieved some of my 2015 resolution,its not over yet.i wish to achieve more before the year runs out

    1. I trust my blog babe...always on the strive to make dream achievable.

  3. Unfortunately i don't make resolution. Thankfully I am better than I wwas last yyea..


    1. me too

      uthman i nominated u for the gratitude challenge... do check it up

      favourmoyse blog

    2. Thank God for two of you. But its better to set a goal to be achieved in a whole year. That will always give room to measure performance and do necessary adjustment.

      anyway, its almost another year and I believed you will surely set one for next year.

  4. I've so far achieved some of my resolutions for this year. I'm optimistic that before the year runs out, I'll achieve the rest. #Team Never Give Up

  5. I always set goals/plan for each year. Some gets done and a few i move to the next year if not achieved but the greatest thief of all time is procrastination for me.
    What i do is to share these goals with significant persons in my life and ask them to remind me or push me or find out we both can push ourselves, that way we are on track


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