Saturday, 21 November 2015

How To Avoid Your Ex To Avoid Problem In Your New Relationship

How to avoid getting contact with your boyfriend ex boyfriend or girlfriend
One of the major causes of problems in marriage or dating relationship in this present time is the interference of our Ex ( Boyfriend/Girlfriend) in our lives after we've decided to move on with another relationship. So many relationship issues tend to come up, if your new partner discover that you are still in close contact with your Ex either physically or emotionally.

Though, when you broke up with Your Ex and he/she found out how they've messed up the relationship and hurt you. Especially, when your Ex is missing you and find it do difficult to move on. In this situation, he/she won't stop following you, calling, chatting or sending you messages. All because they want to establish a physical or emotional contact with you again.

This can really be frustrating and provoking, especially if you are in a new happy relationship and you don't want to hear from your Ex again. For your Ex not to ruin your relationship, you have to Avoid them completely and move on.

This article discussed productive ways in which you can avoid your Ex boyfriend/girlfriend to stay off your new relationship.

1) Don't Answer Or Respond To Their Calls Or Messages: One of the easiest ways with which your ex would like to get in touch with you is a phone call, chat or text messages. If you received any of these from your ex, don't bother yourself to respond. 

Don't pick their calls when they called, and don't chat back if you received their chats. Just keep to yourself. They are only trying to create that intimacy again. Too much attention leads to affection...So don't give them.

2) Avoid Attending The Same Event With Them: To a greater extent, you have to avoid physical contact with your ex. Remember all their constant calls and text messages are aimed at enabling a physical contact with you. 

Try to avoid places your ex always hangs out. You know the club he/she likes to chil and relax, so kindly avoid going there  for relaxation. If not that an event is both compulsory for both of you, like a close friend's wedding, birthday party or get together. 

If you meet in such an unavoidable events, you have to be careful, don't take pictures with them and don't create unnnecessary familiarity.

3) Block Him/Her On Your Facebook And Other Social Media: It is likely that your Ex keep remembring you each and everytime you make an update on social media. Any time you upload pictures or change your profile pucture/d.p. He/she feels like reaching out to you and see if you would like to talk to them.

To avoid unnecessary contact, you might find it necessary to disconnect with them by blocking them. This will stop them from dropping unnecessary comments on your timeline.

Though this could be the last option to safe yournewrelationship.


  1. Thatz true. I always call my Ex to say hello sometimes. Guess what he thinks; he thought i was willing to continue the relationship but dont want to say it. Since then, i dont call him again nor any send message
    My God deliver us from watching EX.
    Topmost Tree

  2. It may be a difficult thing to do but it's the beneficial.

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  3. A friend of mine is still communicating with her ex. As in cordial relationship. Of which both parties are married.



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