Tuesday, 3 November 2015

How To Cope With An Unsupportive Family Members And Friends

We all want to be successful, we want to be an achiever by pursuing our goals with every opportunity we get. But most times when we try to pursue things that we've not done before. 

It makes us  feel more dependent on people because we're going into unknown career. This forces us to seek more supports from friends and family members around us due to conditions of uncertainty. 

It is not strange or abnormal when we become more reliant on our existing relationships with our people to provide these supports. And if they ended up discouraged us instead, what should we do as an individual? 

When you are been dicouraged with people who you felt should encourage and support you in your journey. Don't feel too bad about it. Instead, you should take their discouragement as a good thing. 

Whenever you get people dissuading you from pursuing something, that usually means there is great value hidden in the goal. When you finally achieve your aim, you will discover the hidden benefits.

With this post, I will highlight four things to be done when facing discouragements from unsupportive family and friends when trying to pursue your dream. 

1) Talk To Them And Address Their Worries: Most times when people discouraged us from pursuing a particular dream. It is possible that they are just worried and concerned that things may not work out. 

Bear it in mind that, its their joy to see you happy, just that they are unsure of whether your goals and passion can lead you to happiness.

So you have to first of all address this issue and clarify it. You have to reintensify your passion for doing it and the high chance of been successful. Let them know how important it is to you to achieve it.

Lay more emphasis on your need for their supports. Don't forget to tell them that you are seriously in need of their support at that particular point in time.

2) Be Focus And Determine To Pursue Your Goal: If by any chance they refused to listen and still discourage you after you have tried to address their concerns.  At this point, it may be best to focus your energy on your goals and show them that you know what you’re doing.

You don't need to spend too much time entertaining their fears, because that could be dangerous and you might even be delaying your progress. For the fact that your parents rejected your goal of becoming a footballer doesn’t mean they are rejecting you as their child.

It just means they want you to have a better career that they can be proud of. It is now left for you to prove to them, that with football, you can be successful. You can only prove this by putting more efforts in pursuing that dream.

3) Disregard Discouragement: Some family members and friends could be so unsupportive for a very long time. They will continue to discourage you on a regular basis whenever you turn to them for assistance.

When you have this kind of people in your life, just ignore them. Ignoring in this instance does not mean you should cut them out totally from your life, but at the very least, reduce the time you spend with them. So that they won't affect you with their own idea. 

4) Be self Reliance: As we grow older in life, there comes a time when we will need to be detemined and be self reliance to succeed. We need to cultivate the attributes of independent people. 

Sincerely speaking, whether your friends or family members provide supports for you or not should not be the sole determinant of your success. If at all it affect, it should be a secondary factor, not primary.

Though it can be nice if they can give you supports to make things more easier for you. And if they can't, move on. Because at the end of the day, that you had unsupportive friends and family should not serve as a good reason why you are unsuccessful in achieving your goals. 

 I Hope This Helps?


  1. Hmmmm some family members are just the devil himself especially when he /she is kind of extended member.. It is well..


  2. They are everywhere in every families. I tend not to be bothered.

    BTW Uthman when will you claim your spa ticket


  3. GLORIA you are so right. How are you doing?

    Bola thanks for the comment and i will mail you for the gift ma. Thanks so much.

  4. I strongly support your last point. Despite the fact that we all needed support, Relying mostly on oneself will reduce the number of dissappointments one will face.

  5. Number 2 point makes sense.... just be determined to prove them wrong or else, you will hate yourself and they will laugh last


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