Saturday, 21 November 2015

How To Find Out If The Guy You Want To Date Has A Girlfriend

How to know if your boyfriend has another girlfriend
People can be so difficult to trust especially when it comes to going into relationship with them. As a lady, a guy just approaches you and he already caught your attention. Before you go into relationship with him, it becomes necessary that you investigate further to know some valuable things about him. Among them is knowing if he has a girlfriend or not.

It is very urgent and important you do this in order to avoid going into a complicated relationship. So many young ladies had blindly go into relationships which they are still regreting till today, because their partners is already keeping a serious relationship with another woman.

Below Are How To Find Out If The Man You Want To Date Has A Girlfriend

1) Be Sensitive To How He Relates With Other Girls While Around You: You have to watch out on how he acts around other girls. Is not that you will become a spy doing it, just take note. He may be hiding somethings from you, he won't feel free and sometimes he might flirts with them. Watch out how he responds to questions and how he concludes it.

2) What Is His Marital Status On Social Media: Though this might not be sufficient enough to form an opinion but it matters. If someone is responsibly engaged with another girl, he might not be able to deny such relationship on all of his social media accounts. Because, there is likelihood that his girlfriend would be among his social media friends also. Making it difficult to deny. So try to find out.

3) You Have To Become Friends With Him: Before you decide to accept or reject his proposal, its necessary you try to know them more. Finding out things about him may not be easy except you move closer.

4) Discuss Your Past Relationship With Them: Develop an habit of discussing your Past relationship with him, tell him how the relationship broke up and tell him few admirers who are actually interested in you. If you continue with this, he might be forced to have similar discussion about other girls in his life. If he don't, just ask him.

5) Get to know his Friends And Relatives: You need to get close to some of his friends and family members. Through familiarisation and conversation with them, they might just opened up to you in order not to waste your time staying in a relationship that won't work out.

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  1. I love the point of being friend with him... I believe it is only proper to build a level of friendship with a person before you start a proper relationship, this helps you manage the person more and also discover important matters like the one discussed here amongst others that can make or mare the relationship.

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  2. Exactly, a girl needs to find out about a guy before ever agreeing to enter into any relationship. Nice tip

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  3. i agreed to your post

  4. Thank you. I will check out his marital status on facebook now. rolling eyes *wink*

  5. I agree. But some guys are smart sha. So use your brain


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