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How To Know If She Is The Best Girl For Marriage

How To Know The Right girl for you
Before you will start feeling so crazy about the girl you just met. Before you take her home and introduces her to every member of your family and friends, how sure are you, she is the best for you? Going into a relationship with a girl is not really enough like dating someone who is perfectly meant for you.

Before you draw up conclusion about who she will be to you in the future; a wife or an Ex, then you definitely need more time  to check her, before making one of the biggest decisions of your life. 

You meeting and dating a girl is different from being in a committed relationship with someone. You have to be calm and should not let excitement take over your mind. You need to carry out some evaluation to know her and conclude.

Here Are The Signs That The Girl You Are Dating Is The Right One For You: 

For you to draw up conclusion that she is the best for you, most of your response to the following questions must be YES.

1) Is she The Type That Is Always there for you? What is the essence of relationship if that very girl you so much love could not be there for you when you are in need of her. In any productive relationship, your real partner will be there for you, no matter what.
Apart from being with you in your happy and convenient days, she will always be with you in your dark times to supports you, comforts you, consoles you, motivates you. A good responsible girl will always make every effort to be a part of your life by being there for you, anytime any day. Comes rain come shine.

If your answer is not  a YES to this question, then there is problem.

2) Do Both Of You Feel Good Been Together? There are so many signs of true love. Among them is been happy with the person you date. So do you both feel excited, smile  and happy every time you see or talk to each other?

Apart from pretence, if your girl naturally makes you happy just with her presence, then she is surely the girl you can spend your life with. Just the thought of her gives you a refreshing feeling. Whenever you take a simple glance at her smiling face, it takes away all your whole day tiredness.

Especially when you have her around, your heart feels happy and contended. Then you don't have to doubt her, she would be your wife.

3) Has Anything Change For Better In Your Life Since You Met Her? You have to sit down and ask yourself if in anyway she had positively affected your Life since you met. Do you think you are being happier than ever before you met her? Have you done away with some of the bad attitudes in you? How do you see life now? Is it more positive or negative? Are you now desperate to make money to live large than before?

The moment you notice that, her presence has brought a positive change in your life then she is the right girl for you. She inspires you. Her intelligence and optimistic approach gives you a better understanding of life. If such a girl is in your life, then she surely is the right one for you and don't hesitate to marry her.

4) Do You Know How She Feels About You? It's one thing to love and its another thing entirely to be loved in return. Do You Know whether she loves you in return? Has she opened up to you?  I completely understand that you love her but you need to know if she also do.

When a girl is in love with you, she will open up her heart and soul to you without any fear. She will be expressive in both attitude and words. All these will make you to be sure of the whole thing, and confirm to you that you are not in a one sided relationship.

5) Others: A girl you want to marry should be respective, religious, home making and knows how to cook. If she lack everything here, I think you should think twice before going down the alter.

 I Hope This Will Help You In Your Search For House Material?

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