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How To Know That You Are Not Ready For A Relationship

You are not ready for a date or relationship
Unlike before, presently people just go into relationships without measuring their readiness towards taking up the challenges and sacrifice involved. It could be that you are just been cheated upon and dump or this is your very first time of going into a relationship. It is necessary you ask yourself if you are really ready to be in a relationship or not. Considering the time and condition. 

Having the desire to be in a relationshio is far different from been ready for a serious and committed relationship. The question and test of readiness has to do with both psychological physical considerations.

So many people failed to address this issue before taking up a relationship agreement and thats why at the end of the day, they found theirselves already hook up in it without been happy.

In real sense, we have some red flag signs that show that a person is not ready for a real relationship. If you find yourself with any of these signs then you might need to work upon yourself before going into a committed relationship. This post highlighted some signs you musr notice that tells you, you are not ready for a relationship.

How to know you are not ready for a relationship.

1) You Are Extremely A Busy Type: If you will agree with me, you must accept that  relationships demand commitment. Going into relationship means you are ready to be available for someone else. You would care for them as much as they do for you. But if you noticed that presently you are too busy with your new job, your business or something else that you won't have time for anybody. Then you are not ready for a relationship.

2) You Always Want To Dominate: Its a good thing to always be at the top of your game. Unfortunately, relationship is not a game. Therefore, if you are too possessive in nature and your idea of being in a relationship is that you will own your partner’s life, and control him/her in totality; then you are not ready to go into relationship. If you are ready, your dominant attitude would have to be dealth with.

3) You Complain Alot: To stay in a relationship for a reasonable period of time without problem, you have to be the type that overlook issues. If you are the one who  complains all the time about every single thing. Then you cannot be in a relarionship. To be ready for a proper relationship, you need to learn tolerance and how to over look issues. I think maturity matters in this aspect. If you are matured enough, you won't complain of everything all the time.

4) You Still Think Of Your Ex: Relationship is a serious issue that we can't just pretend everything is alright with us when is not. You are just coming out of a relationship and the thought of your Ex still occupies your mind, don't go into another.

You definitely need more time to recover and been stable. Getting over past relationships is difficult and it requires time. Give yourself time to adjust and to come over your emotional baggage. Don’t push yourself into a relationship just for the sake of it.

5) You Can't Trust Anybody Anymore: Relationship in another way round is called trust. You give trust to someone and take from them. You believe them even without uttering a word. That is what relationship is mostly about.  Just because your Ex has cheated on you, you decided not to ever trust anyone again. That means you are not ready and may never be ready for a relationship.

To go into another relatiinship, you must be able to deal with the trust issue. This id because trust is the basic foundation for any relationship. If you can't the you are not ready for a relationship.

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  1. A guy can go into friendship but before he could go into deep relationship, he surely need all these above tips.
    I already knew about this but this post worth a share for those who might not know.


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