Tuesday, 24 November 2015

How To Recognize Some Signs Of Domestic Violence When You Are Exposed To It

Domestic violence has been a re-occurence issue from generations to generations. But it's extremely high level of daily occurences in these days called for immediate attention. On a daily basis, we see and hear of people been brutalized by either their lovers, parents or someone very close, without justice. As a matter of fact, so many victims cannot even recognize whether they are exposed to domestic violence or not because they are used to it, and felt its normal to be exposed to.

Domestic violence can be regarded as close partner physical assault or otherwise. It is always in form of a physical, sexual, or psychological abuse from one person to another. Though it is common from one partner to another or from parents to children.

The fact is that domestic violence victims are more often women than men. And usually from marriage or dating relationship. Most often, some people perceived this as a mere means of expressing disatisfaction on the side of one partner. So they don't take it serious. They may even decide to hide it from you. Until it becomes unbearable.

The Following Are Signs Of Domestic Violence In Case You Are Exposed To Any.

1) Continous Verba Abuse: Where most people get it wrong is expecting all forms of domestic violence to be related to physical abuse or contact. You must understand that, physical abuse does not just happen, it started from somewhere. Physical abuse hardly happens on its own rather it put forward, either emotional, verbal, or sexual insults.

Therefore, if you are frequently been orally abused or insulted, bear it in mind that a physical violence may be resulted into at anytime. This always comes like nothing, because the abuser usually apologize for doing that, promise to change, and find a way to minimize the seriousness of the incident so that you won't report them.

Though, no matter how bad he/she felt about it, comes another time...he/she will still insult you again and again..

2) You Are Been Brutalized And Injured: This mostly comes as a result of physical engagement. Its often common to see one partner been physically hurt and injured in this case. It often looks like they have come from punching, or been seriously rough handled. It comes with common injuries like bruises, black eyes, and marks on the neck.

In a marital or dating relationships, victims of physical violence could be so difficult to help as a third party. As they often try to hide their bruises with clothing or makeup.
Such people will always give excuses to proof to you that everything is well with them.

3) Others: I purposely categorized this as others because, so many things are involved. Physical violence can be more than just choking, hitting, punching, or kicking. Other types of physical abuse could be involved.

You could be unnecessarily restricted to move, to sleep, to eat, been denied of medical attention or denial of pregnancy through unhealthy means. It could also be extended to destruction of one's personal properties.

All these are signs of domestic violence in one way or the other.

Now the big question is...Are you exposed to domestic violence?


  1. some girls prefer men who will abuse them physically and orally.i wonder how they cope i cannot stand it,the day my ex tried it eehn,he thought i was joking wjhen i broke up with him


    1. bola i agree with you... i don't know why women will sill stay with such men after everything...maybe its painful pleasure they derive..

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  2. Domestic violence is now being seen as a normal thing by men who physically abuse their wives. It's a very bad character that shouldn't be tolerated by women


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