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How To Stop Deceiving Yourself With The Lies That Discourage You

How To stop deceiving yourself with lies
I remember when I was very young, I was told a lot of white lies. Mum would say, "don't point your fingers at a grave, your fingers will cut off. Don't talk while eating, otherwise your meat would disappear. Don't do this and that because so so and so and would happen if you do..."

Along the way, I became a sincered respecter of those lies. I don't want to point at any grave so that my fingers would not cut off. I dare not talk while while eating, so that my meat won't disappeared and all that. Several of these lies were actually meant to teach morality.

On the contrary, a lot of other lies we were told by people or the one we told ourselves are capable of killing our dreams. if you repeat them long enough and believe them hard enough. They are capable of killing our dream.

Such lies could be, I can't do this and that, because of my family background. I can't compete with him, because she is an expert. I can't talk to her, because am not of her standard.

When you allow  these lies to hold ground in your mind, they become truth and will not hesitate to kill your dreams. If you allowed your dreams to die, your life becomes meaningless and unfulfilling. That means you've succeeded in robbing your self the happiness and the purpose of life.

So many people have passed on the surface of this earth without fulfilling their purpose simply because they believe the lies others told them or the one they told themselves.

During my service year, where I served was a semi village in Osun State. Among my students were so many young children with untapped potential and ingenious ideas. They've never planned or dream to utilizing their potential because they believed in the lies they were told about how unproductive are the people in the villages compared to their city counterpart.

These were the children who would have been far better in all aspects.
This is what happens when you have been told several times that you couldn’t accomplish your goals and aspirations due to certain reasons.

I'm writing this post to call your attention to all the lies you’ve unconsciously accepted as true.  Also to teach you how to disown all the false assumptions about who you are and what you can and what you would be.

 Here Are Some Of The Lies..

1) I'm Not Capable Of Doing It: This is such a common lie our minds do tell us anytime we don't feel like giving something a trial. The minds dictate to us by laying emphasis on our disabilities to discourage us. You don't have to allow your feelings to dictate what you can or cannot do.

You are in control of how you feel, and if your temporary mood is telling you not to, you need to change that. You are more powerful than your emotions. You control how you feel and when you feel something.

 2) Others Can Do It But You Can't: This can come in two ways. People can tell you this to get you discouraged from pursuing your dream. They cannot tell you that your dream is unachievable because some people had achieved it in the past. But they discourage you with reasons why you are an inferior to those who did it.

The question you are expected to ask them is what separates them from you, are they with two heads or triple lives? You have to stop believing that lies and turn it around. If that dream is achievable by some people, why can't you? 

3) I'm Too Young/Old To Pursue Such A Dream: This is always from our minds to postpone or kill our ambition. You dont need let your age keep you from going after what you want. Look around you, there are people of all ages going out and doing great things. You need to quit believing those lies and go full force after what you want. It is never too late or too early to do great thing.

4) Someone else has done it already: I thought I would be the first to create the most popular inspirational blog in Nigeria. But some else has done it, should I now give  up on it? That someone else might have done something that you thought you would be the first to do. Its ok. Why not improve what has already been done? Find new ways to improve people’s lives with the things that are already done. 

5) I'm Unlucky: This is a usual excuse we do give whenever we failed at something. There is no such thing as being lucky. Luck is opportunity meeting preparation. You must be prepared to make your luck. You must work hard, prepared and pray for opportunities when they arise. Sitting back and waiting for things to happen without any effort may never happen.

For one to achieve greatness in life, he/she must deal with these lies.

I Hope This Helps?


  1. Those lies are common to so many people. Dwelling on any of them may cost one a glorious future. Thanks for writing about it.

  2. God is truth

  3. You just nailed it. Am greatly Inspired. I shall never give up on my dream. Thanks for this dear

    1. You are welcome. . Am happy you found it inspiring.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Yes, trying to keep the dream alive. Although failings and circumstances are making others want me to move back. I really don't want to.

    1. Its good you are resisting those trying to discourage you. Just be determined and remain focused.

  5. So so true that some of these lies have become the truth that has aborted many great destinies.. Thanks for penning these down.

  6. This is one essential statement I find very useful from this post, and it reads: "If you allow your dreams to die, your life becomes meaningless and unfulfilling". Nice one bro

  7. I am inspired. I will never give up on my dream


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