Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Some Signs To Look For In Finding The Right Guy

How to get a caring and loving guy
As some of my female friends do claim, that there is no longer nice, caring and loving guys around for a serious relationship. They always conclude their claims by insisting that, the few available ones are already engaged. To some extent, I agreed with them, because as a lady you have to be lucky to meet a responsible guy.

You don't only have to rely on been lucky, you should also be vigilant enough to sense it whenever you meet a guy that can be called a responsible man. There are so many things you need to look out for, when searching for your soul mate.

With this post, I have highlighted some important signals you need to watch out for to know if that very guy is worthy of been married or  not.

1) He Is Always Proud Of You: The moment you are so lucky to find that special guy who always appreciate you and proud Of been in a relationship with you, then be focused. 

He will not be reluctant to make your relationship known to his people. He will be opened and serious about the affairs. If you noticed he is always happy and proud to introduce you to his family and friends, then it is a clear sign that he is mean business.

2) He Is Good In Resolving Argument Between You Two: One of the easiest ways to know an unserious guy is his habit of creating unnecessary problems in your relationship. Even when you are trying to resolve it amicably, he never cares.

But if you are lucky to find a guy who is so caring and always find a way out to problems between you two. He makes every effort to make your relationship an healthy one. You have to be careful not to lose such a guy, he is your man.

3) He Makes You Feel So Special In The Relationship: You have this guy who always find joy in making you feel like a queen. He has never stopped doing that despite your long time relationship.

You in return, whenever you are with him, you feel special and blessed. His little gestures give you a feeling that you are someone extremely special.

He is so expressive about his love and feelings for you. Such kind of man might not be deceiving you, so watch him closely. He could be the lucky guy. 

4) He Knows Your Feelings:  No matter how hard you tried to hide your joy or pains, he knows it. He knows when you are happy and when you are actually been disturbed. He is sensitive towards your feelings. He just understands everything about you. Such kind of guy is worthy of been considered as the right man.

5) He Is An Honest Guy: If you are very observant, haven been in a relationship for awhile now. You should be able to know the level on which he Is trustworthy.

If he has been honest with you about every dealing. He do tell you all his does and don't. He understands yours as well and keep by them. He never tries to hide anything from you except which is necessary.

Whenever your guy is so honest with you in every possible way then, surely he is the man worthy of marrying.


  1. over to the single ladies.
    i shall pass but before i pass,there is the thing called the spirit man that will tell you if a particular man is good for you.i mean the innerman

  2. OK to add to what Bmf said, since both of us are off the market lolz. Will add too
    He is not stingy. There is a difference between being stingy and not having. Because you can't truly love without giving..


  3. I'm impressed with the responses of my fellow bloggers - BMF and Glo. Heed to the advise all ye single ladies and guys and ye shall have your dream man/woman.


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