Tuesday, 17 November 2015

What Not To Do On Facebook If You Are In A Serious Relationship

How to use Facebook as a married couple
In recent time, social media plays a major role in the lives of everyone. The way people run to social media to express their opinion or certain pressing issues is of no doubt that, social media is now part of our daily lifelihood. 

In this part of the world, the most common and frequently used among all the social media is Facebook. That's why today, in Nigeria Hundreds of million of people are on Facebook for one reason or the other. The rate at which we frequently use facebook is to the extent that, we can't celebrate our birthday, wedding or graduation without taking it to facebook.

On so many occassions, You will see friends having misunderstanding because the other failed to send her a birthday wishes on facebook while others do. Is not new to see people coming up with facebook groups to discuss common issues such as relationship, family, health, job, entertainment and others.

Presently, we live in the World where everything is digital and online. In this vain, so many people  now think every relationship has to be put on display on social media. Therefore, the fights and the good times are all showcased for everyone to see, to like, to comment or share. Unfortunately, this has never helped our relationships.

In order to saveguide our relationships from falling a victim of social media, I therefore put up this post to tell you what not to do on facebook if you are in a serious relationship.

1) Don’t make Facebook the only place to show love to your partner: You might find it difficult to believe this. But sincerely a lot of people are more in love on Facebook than they are in real life. These kind of people work so hard to give people the wrong inpression that they are in happy relationships.

They  both communicate well on social media, send each other some wonderful wall posts and images, moreover, the situation is completely far from been real.

 It is important that, if you really want to be romantic on Facebook and show your frieds how happy you are, try as much as possible to make it a wonderful relationship in reality, before you started talking about it online.

2) Don’t take your misunderstanding to Facebook: Most times whenever I want to know, whats really going on among couples in Nigeria. I only log on to facebook and surf from one friend's timelines to another.

For those couples who might be having little problem with their relationships, I will easily detect. As they will surely write it on their walls. I guess you've seen this several times among your friends?

Doing this often destroy relationship than expected. Don't forget that your fights with your partners are yours alone, the whole world doesn’t need to know about them. If you have a problem with him, try to settle it indoor. You don't need to put up a facebook status to express how badly your partner has hurt you.

If you post it, your friends cannot help and they are not ready to. The highest help they can offer is to like, comment or share your status update. That would make them remember the fight long after you might have settled it.

3) Stop Spying Your Partner On Facebook: Instead of talking things out in a relationship. Some people prefer been a spy of their lovers. They go down the Facebook walls of their partners, view all that is going on there. They want to know the innocent lady who has always been making a coment on the guy's pictures and the likes.

A lot of people are involved in doing this, spying on their partners on Facebook, by looking at their activities  and by going to the deepest parts of their Facebook profiles to try and find anything they can use. All because they are jealous. If you want to keep an healthy relationship, you have to stop this.

4) Stop Been Boastful About Your Intimacy With Your Partner On Facebook: You don't have to keep making an update on how well things are going with you guys on a daily basis. You you’re not supposed to talk about the intimacy you share with your partner because even your Partner may not like it. As you expose him/her to the world unnecessarily.

Sometimes, it could be that you are marketing your Partner to the whole of your  online friends who could be a prospective admirers. Sometimes, it could look like a threat to your friends who are not opportuned to enjoy such kind of relationship.

I Hope This Helps?


  1. majority of some girls are guilty of this.they like to flaunt their partner to the whole world.not knowing that not even all of them are happy that you are in a relationship.eg are our celebrities especially


  2. majority of some girls are guilty of this.they like to flaunt their partner to the whole world.not knowing that not even all of them are happy that you are in a relationship.eg are our celebrities especially


  3. Let he who has ears hear


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