Tuesday, 22 December 2015

2 Important Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before You Quit Your Job

Questions to ask yourself before quiting your job
As the year is gradually running to an end, no doubt that so many Nigerians are unsatisfied with their jobs. Am not talking of the current unemployed citizens but those in the workforce who are unhappy with their current jobs due to so many reasons. This is not only peculiar to Nigeria situation, as many countries are in the same shoes with us.

Getting a job is so stressful and the most provoking thing is that, most of those who are employed are not properly  rewarded for outstanding productivity in commensurate with their effort. They are either under paid, delayed payment, or not being paid at all for a very long time without reason.

Those who are constantly paid are either earning far less than the stipulated amount in accordance with labour laws or they are not given room for promotion. This is the system in place in most organizations and countries. It’s a completely flawed system that tends to provoke active workers to be lazy or choose to quit their jobs.

If you are one of those who think its high time to quit their jobs and start something new in the new year, there are certain few questions you need to ask yourself. Asking yourself these questions and with correct answers will prevent you from making a serious mistake in your career decision. 

Before you quit your job, ask yourself these two simple question questions: 

1) Why Do I Want To Quit My Job? I have some couples of friends who quit their jobs for wrong reasons. Its more or less like they failed to ask themselves the necessary questions as to ''why'' before they finally gave up on their jobs. I've also seen someone who quit his job for been too bored..not because he was not getting enough pay or promotion.

So its important to ask yourself this question and answer it sincerely. Doing this will prevent you from giving up your job for a wrong reason. Do you intend to quit your job because of your difficult boss, long working hours, unpaid arrears, lack of promotion or because of some co-workers? 

Or your job is something that is wrong for you in term of moral, ethics and religion? Whatever the situation, just ask yourself and answer them appropriately. 

2) What I'm I Quitting My Job To Do? Before you quit your job, you must have a clarity of mind about what you are going into ones you quit that work. Are you going for another job in another industry? Do you want to start up your own business, are you going into full time blogging? Have you gotten another job? You must provide responds to all these questions.  

Remember, nobody is sending you away in your current job. Take your time to decide what you want to do, so that you won't make mistake of quitting your job because you are tired of it without any plan. There is possibility that you will end up running up and down for another job, and you may end up in a more terrible work than your formal job. 

So think well and ask yourself and provide answers to yourself  those important questions before you  decide to quit quit your job in the next coming year.

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  1. Its very true to answer these 2 questions before quitting a Job. This will prevent that person from feeling regretful once he or she had call it quits

  2. These questios are on point as it helps a person on that cross road to give his deecision a critical tought be for taking action.
    Nice one.

  3. nawa people with Jobs are not finding fulfilment in the job whilw unemploye3d just want something to manage


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