Sunday, 20 December 2015

33 Most Important Questions You Must Always Ask Yourself

important question to ask yourself in life
No doubt, if you are the type that always ask yourself a lot of self limiting questions in life, you will always get a frustrated result in turn. The kind of questions you ask yourself goes a long way to determine the kind of your believe and affect your lifestyles.

On several occasions, I've seen negative minded people not making it in life, not because they were not meant to make it, but due to the nature of questions they keep asking themselves. A positive minded person will not ask him/her except a question except they are going to improve their life worth. Questions like, how can I move forward?

Someone may feel like, while did I need ask myself a question when I'm actually the one to answer it. Don't forget that asking yourself the following questions is such a brilliant way of consulting your mind. Some of the questions are what you can easily answer, and some are not. But mind you, these questions will help you focus on what’s important to you and what you want. 

You may not have a finalized answer for some questions. Life changes and our expectation changes as well. So keep reflecting on them till you achieve success.

Below are 33 questions you must ask yourself in life... ask yourself the following directing it to yourself in this tone.
  1. Who are mine?
  2. What am I passionate about?
  3. What are my achievements in life?
  4. What are my life purpose, vision and mission? 
  5. What are the most important things to me in life?
  6. How would I describe myself in one word?
  7. Did I Love myself? 
  8. What did I love about myself?
  9. Am I living my dream life?
  10. Am I in my dream career job?
  11. Why am I not doing the best job I dream to?
  12. Is there something I must let go in my life today? what is that thing?
  13. Is there something I must still hold on to?
  14. Would what am spending my time on today matters in the next three years?
  15. What did I want to be in the next one year?
  16. Am I having my dream physical look?
  17. What is it that I've spent most of my time on in life?
  18. Do I achieved anything from it?
  19. Is there anything am running away from?
  20. What is stopping me from pursuing my dream?
  21. What do I fear most life?
  22. What would I say life has thought me?
  23. What would I do if I have just one year to live on earth?
  24. What if I have only one month left?
  25. What if its one week to go?
  26. What would I quickly do if am to die in the next one hour?
  27. What would I do today if there is no more tomorrow?
  28. If am to die tomorrow what would be my biggest regret in life?
  29. Who are the people I love most in life?
  30. I'm I giving them the attention they deserved?
  31. I've I ever changed anybody's life to the better?
  32. If am given 10million dollars today, what will I do with it?
  33. If am to die today, what would people remember me for?
Try to answer this questions as fair as possible and it will go a long way to help you achieve your goals in life.


  1. I think the last question really got me. It's a deep one and to me is a summary of all. May God help us achieve purpose IJN.


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