Monday, 21 December 2015

4 Great Food You Must Eat To Improve Your Brain Power And Creativity

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Food are powerful and they determine a lot of things about us. They are meant to improve us both physically and mentally. But unfortunately our addictions to junk food is depriving us of so many food's benefits and therefore, it’s dragging down our ability to think clearly and creatively. One of the best ways to improve our mental creativity and clarity is to improve the nature of our diet.

What we eat, drink are very important and cannot be overlooked when we are planing to improve our brain power and creativity. 

Therefore, here are four great foods that can improve out brain and and ability.

1) Sweet potato: This is one of the food we might overlook and not appreciate sometimes. But sweet potato is often regarded as a healthier source of carbohydrate than their white counterparts, there is now another fantastic reason to start stocking up on sweet potatoes

Low levels of this powerful antioxidant are often associated with cognitive decline and impairment, particularly in the elderly, and so it’s thought that higher levels of carotenoids will see the opposite effect. Therefore, it is recommended to get some sweet potato and combine it together with some apple to boost your brain performance.

2) Seeds food: Seeds and sunflower seeds are nice sources of vitamin. Having a half cup of sunflower seed food contains certain nutrient you needed on a daily basis to improve your brain capacity. A lot of people who are found of eating food rich in Vitamin A have less chance of developing brain damage or stroke. Therefore it is recommended to take sunflower seeds as much as possible.

3) Green tea: Instead of taking your morning coffee as usual, try to always have green tea with a bit of lemon to get both your metabolism and brain kick-started. This is because green tea is good for you, with lower risks of diabetes. 

The consumption of green tea has a positive effects on your metabolism and skin complexion. It also increases blood flow, and therefore neural activity, in the key areas of the brain responsible for memory, reasoning and comprehension. 

4) Dark chocolate: Consumption of dark chocolate has now been found useful to boast human brain function. Dark chocolate’s high flavanol content makes it easier for blood to flow to your brain, and has also been shown to significantly boost test participants’ scores in memory tests. Therefore, if you are interested in improving your performance in any brain test, try as much as possible to take dark chocolate as often as possible.

I Hope You Will Consider Any Of These Food In Your Next Diet Plan?
Article By: Abolaji I.B. He is a fitness instructor, and a specialist on human kinetic.


  1. Yes o will definitely consider especially the sweet potatoes.

  2. i have lot of sweet potatoes in my trolley,i never knew its so healthy

    1. So what's Bola waiting for? Start boiling it jor....most of the food we overlooked are so nutritious.

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