Sunday, 27 December 2015

5 Steps On How To Have A Peaceful Divorce As Possible

how to have a peacful divorce with your partners
Divorce is one of the things I hate most in life. I've seen in my close contacts and far, the children of those whose parents are no longer together due to the issue of divorce. Divorce used to be most painful thing that has ever happened to an individual. A sense of emptiness when looking into the future can overwhelm you, feeling seriously betrayed, wounded, hurt, but yet has to be done in a peaceful manner as possible. Though, there is no any form of divorce which is nice, it always been the last resort to make peace reign. 

In a situation where someone is anticipating giving up on his/her marriage, it is very important to note that, so many  losses would definitely be experienced. The first thing is lost of physical intimacy, home, comfort, finance and others. At a start, these loses could be too much for a newly divorced couples to bear most especially when violence was involved in the process.

Therefore, it becomes necessary that couples get a strategic means of divorcing without resulting to a greater pain. Here are few steps to peaceful divorce

1) Try To Be Emotionally Free: The first thing that comes with divorce is emotional pains. It hurts more when you have played a greater role in keeping the marriage and yet is not working out. You might find it so difficult to cope with the reality and accept the divorce has to be resulted to emotionally. 

So try as much as possible to be emotionally free and balanced. Doing this will make divorce to hurt you less when it finally comes.
2) Discuss To Decide How The Family Should Be: Since you both are not interested in making the divorce a violence one. Even before you go to the court, you might decide some certain family issues and conclude. Who will be in the custody of the children, when to visit, share parenting responsibilities and so many others. Try as much as possible to resolve all these between each other without the third party's influence.

3) Share All You Have To Share Between Each Other: Remember you are aiming at a peaceful divorce. So whatever you have to share among each other, discuss it and share it as appropriately. Thereafter, you call the lawyers for proper documentation and legal backing. Always put the interest of the children in mind if there is any.
4) Don't Complicate Issues: Friends and family may want to know what and what you've concluded at. You are free to tell most of those you have confidence in. Try to avoid expecting your friends to take sides. You don't have to speak ill of your ex-spouse, so that they won't go around with your issues on their lips. Proof to them that the divorce was amicable and that the two of you are still friends moreover, you still have your kids together.
5) Bear The Pain Of Been Single Again: This is the most difficult part of all. After the whole thing has gone. You will have to start seeing yourself as an individual again rather than being a part of an intimate couple. If someone is coming out of a troubled marriage, the pain may not be severed rather than having the feeling of freedom.

Contrary to someone who still needs the wedding, just that things doesn't work out. Such person will initially feel fragmented, vulnerable, heart broken with a low in self esteem. What ever your feeling is, you just have to bear it and move on with your life.


  1. dont teach us about divorce ooo.divorce is a bad thing.cos my parents are ivorce i know what we went through

    1. Smiling...its not for you dear, but there are thousands of people highly in need of it to to go out of a frustrated homes.

      How are you doing?


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