Saturday, 26 December 2015

5 Compulsory Things You Must Do While You Are Still Single

what you must do before you get married
Life is not a bed of rose, it's always full of up and down... the higher the experiences we gather in life, the more we see things in a different perspectives. Though, there are good easy days while there are also some difficult days. The truth is that, no matter what we are going through in life, there are certain things we just have to do at a particular period of time. Failure to do them, means we may not be able to do them again.

On the same vain, either as a man or woman, there are certain things we need to do before we get married. If we allowed those things to pass us while we are single, that could be the end. Therefore, here few compulsory things you must do while you are still single.

1) Travel As Much As Possible: Presently, you are single and no one is planning your time for you. You have your time to yourself and you schedule it as necessary. This is the best time to travel all round the World and the States in your country. Go for various camping programs, attend your friends wedding somewhere far away, visit a friend in another state, travel abroad if you can.

Traveling is is fun, it gives you a chance to experience new things, expand your worldview and gives you a sense of pride,  in your abilities to handle things on your own. As interesting as travelling could be, you might not be opportune to experience it when you are married.

2) Keep Time With Your Friends: For those who are married, it is not new to them that, as a married woman you might not be able to enjoy your time with friends as before. Most especially if your friends are full of the male counterparts. You need time for your spouse, children, your work, domestic no much time for friends making.

Why not consider spending your time a mists of your favorite friends while you are still single? You are single and only have your schedule to consider right now. Don't always be alone when you can actually be around someone. Use this precious opportunity to spend time with friends, because this might not be possible thereafter you are engaged.

3) Increase Your Saving: Getting married does not only required your physical and emotional commitments, it also required a lot of financial commitment from both sides. Now that you are still single, why not have some savings out of that huge monthly earnings you have? Save money for tangible things right now before you get married, because you might not be able to do it again due to financial responsibilities.

4) Acquire Qualifications, Skills And Every Other Things You Want to learn: Learning may become extremely difficult when you are married because of some other things that needed your time. Now that you are still single, acquire the higher qualifications of your dream, learn a occasional skills and do other wonderful things with your brain.

5) Learn More About Your Religion: Its good to spend enough time learning things about our faith. Spend time with your God and your book.Before you get married, try as much as possible to put religion activities part of your lifestyle. When you finally got used to this, you can not be easily distracted when you are married.


  1. 3, 4 and 5 are the very important... thanks for sharing

  2. Great tips bro... I have taking note. Thanks for sharing.

  3. i wish i saw this before i married,well all join.

  4. Thank for a great tips. It help me a lots. THanks


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