Monday, 21 December 2015

6 Great Tips On How To Have An Adequate Sleep And Its Important

how to have adequate sleep and its importance
Sleeping is an adaptable function that our body uses to clean, recharge, retain and renew itself throughout our resting period. Due to our busy nature in recent times, we always underestimate the importance of having an adequate sleep on a daily basis. Often time, we do schedule most of our tasks to mid-night when we are supposed to be sleeping and resting. 

This could be because we are not aware of the health benefits of having an appropriate sleep or we just decided to overlook it. Scientists have proven it that there is a great connections between our well being and level of our daily sleep. Though, majority of us may not know this until we feel the lack of a single night sleep or keep facing regular sleeping problems.

There are so many studies which revealed that adequate sleep combined with good posture can optimize a waste removal system from the brain cells during sleeping time. If this waste is not properly removed, it may increase the chance of exposing an individual to some brain diseases. Which means, lack of adequate sleep can be a cause of brain disease for some people.

Therefore, it is a great opportunity that our brain cells clean the waste produced by our brain during waking hours, and that's one of the ultimate reasons why you just have to get enough sleeping hours on a daily basis. Not only to sleep, but we must take care of the environment we want to sleep in terms of noise, temperature, light and the posture. If all of these are not properly taken care of, it could make us experience some sleep disorderliness.

Below are some tips with which you can improve your sleeping experience

1) Set A Nice Sleeping Environment:  Arrange a clean comfortable bedroom for yourself. Mind you, your bed room should be free of food, computer, TV or any other thing that can distract you from sleeping.

2) Take A Warm Bath: There is possibility that you've been busy since morning with stress all around. So get yourself into a warm bath when you are ready to sleep.

3) Have A Regular Sleeping Time: You must always go to bed at a scheduled range of time. For instance you may just schedule your sleeping time to 9pm every day, with some little exception. Don't just sleep at an irregular hours. 

4) Be Mindful Of What You Take For Dinner: preferably it is better you eat some light fresh organic meals as dinner.

5)Unplug All Electronic Devices: Some people would want to sleep and all their electronic gadgets are still on and loud. Its funny... You just have to switch off your television, radio, phones, lights and any other thing that can produce unnecessary sound.

6) Prepare Your Mind To Sleep: Forget about all the worldly things and just be free of some stressful thinking. Just sleep.

No doubt you will enjoy your sleep. If you try this frequently, you will surely be able to effectively get ride of wasteful substances in your brain and body system. Just try it.

I Hope This Helps?

Article By: Abolaji I.B. He is a fitness instructor, and a specialist on human kinetic.


  1. i am so lagging behind in 3 infact i have a poor sleeping habit,no wonder i doze off at any given time.sigh

    1. Eya! That means you scheduled most of your blogging stuff to mid night? Or doing something else?


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