Thursday, 10 December 2015

7 Tips On How To Make Your New Year Resolutions Achievable

how to achieve your new year resolution
2016 is fast approaching and its gonna be another new year. One thing I love so much about new year is that it provides us with numerous opportunities to to do great things and filter out all the wrong things in our lives. The changes we want in our lives and the changes we want to make in this world begins with a new year resolution. For anyone to be boastful of any accomplishment in life, he or she must device a plan of achieving greatness in life. Therefore as new year approaches, try as much as possible to set for yourself some achievable goals as your  new year resolution for the year, upon which you are going to evaluate yourself at the end of the year.

Below are seven suggestions on how to make your new year resolutions achievable

1) Set  The Goals To Be Achieved: We are going into another promising new year, so what do you want to achieve before the year runs out ? Set up some goals, and set an expected time to achieve them during the year. Have a list of your set goals in your mind and also on writing, type and save it in your computers and phones. This will serve as a constant reminder to you anytime you come accross them while using ypur gadgets.

2) Build Self-Confidence: Confidence should come first after setting a goal. It is importance in accomplishing a set goal. The moment you doubt yourself, you will doubt your ability and you might not be able to achieve anything tangible for the year.  Therefore, for any goal to be achieved in the forthcoming year, kindly build a confidence. Promise yourself never to doubt your ability and go straight for whatever you wanna achieve for the year.

3) You Have To Let Go Of Of Past Pains: I realized that so many people were just hindered from achieving their set  goals for year 2015 because they mistakenly allowed the pains of the past to weigh them down. They were living with the pains of the past. Therefore, for you to have a meaningful achievement come next year, you must let go of one thing that brings a lot of heart ache to you. It could be your difficult job dying relationship or something else that is seriously bothering your mind. just let go of  the pain.

4) Quit An Addiction: Addictions are bad and they always have a negative ways of hinder our progress in life. Your new year resolutions would be difficult to achieve if you are still hooked with that addictive part of you. Check yourself, and find out what was the addiction that cost you your goal for the previous years? Why were you unable to achieve your cash saving goal for this year? Was it because you spent so much on alcoholic drinks which you are already addicted to? Oh! you have to quit that for your next year resolution to be achieve-able.

5) Be Time Conscious: Remember 2016 comprises of 365days as other past years. So you need to pay great attention to how you spend your time. Understand what time management is and device a means on how to achieve great things within a very short period of time as possible.  Be familiar with your time wasters and eliminate them as fast as possible. You just need to be punctual and respect your time than every other thing.

6) Be Responsible:  No doubt that, when trying to achieve your new year resolution, there are possibilities that things might not work well as planned, so you have to be responsible. You have to take the blame where necessary and own up to it. Humans make mistakes and that’s okay. Try to make things right the next time and don't push blame to someone else. Remember, you are always in charge.

7) Stick To Your Resolution: This is very important, you must not be confused about what your set resolution should be. You must stick with the resolution no matter what. Follow your goals to the last possible point before you termed its as unachievable. Give your goal what it takes to be successful and don't drop it half way and run up to something else on the list. If you continue doing this, you might not achieve anything, at the end of the year.

I Hope This Helps?


  1. I must commend you for an article well written. These tips, if followed, would go a long way in helping me achieve my new year resolutions. Thanks for sharing Uthman

  2. That 5 is really talking to me, infact my bro complained about my time management. God help me this new year

    1. That means you need to do something on that. It is very important. Thanks


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