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As A Lady: How To Ask Out A Guy For A Dating Relationship

how a lady can ask a guy out for a relationship
In the past, it was the sole responsibility of the boys to ask the girls out, and tell them they love them. All it requires of the girl is to reply yes or no. In recent time, a lady has to do the same. As a lady, one of the most difficult thing to do is walking up to a guy to express your love to him. Most especially when the guy himself has not show much attempt to approach you. You want to tell him you love him but you are not sure how to go about it and wonder if you should hold on for him to come first. So many things are just running through your mind, what if you go for him and he never seems to love you? What if  you are wrong for thinking he loves you while he doesn't?

The simple truth is that, there is no right or wrong about who is the first to say ‘I love you’ being it the lady or the guy. Its just that no lady wants to be the first to reveal her feelings to a guy. 

Here are few things that always scare ladies away from telling guys they love them first:

1)  There is no assurance that telling a guy you love him means he will feel the same. Therefore, most ladies are not ready to face the risk of been rejected. when the guy said, oh! sorry am not interested.

2) What if he tells his friends or someone else? You just won't like it...

3) What if he feels I'm you are just so cheap?

The funniest thing about walking up to a guy and approach him for relationship is that, he may be pleased to hear you saying you love him but he is not just in for that.

It is very common to have a male friend who you won't mind to date, but taking the next step to tell him that you love him can be so difficult. But you can get it done confidently by following the steps below.

Steps On How To Ask A guy Out For A Relationship:
1) You Need To Find The Right Time And Place To Talk To Him: Despite all the highlighted probabilities above, and you still felt like letting him know how you feel. That means you need to get in touch with him. So find the best time and the right place to discuss it. Pick an isolated place, as well as a time when he is likely to be relaxed and not stressed out. So that he can understand you better.
2) Be Confidenced: For some ladies who had not done this before, this might be the most embarrassing thing they've ever done in their lives. So don't feel intimidated, you are just there to tell someone your mind and nothing attached. So you need to gather some confidence level to be able to express yourself and accept the reply in whatever ways it comes.

3) Seduce Him: This is very important and must be done before you even talk to him. You need to send him some signals to hint him that you are interested in him. If you do this, he will not be completely surprised when you ask him out. I believe you know how to do this better than I do, so don't let me teach you.

 4) Tell Him You Love Him: Hmmmm...Now you are there. After all the above steps, just be bold enough to express your feelings to him. Tell him you love him, and you won't mind if you guys can date.

You can also ask a guy out with any of the following channels:
*Text messages 
*Sending a letter
*By sending a card
*By chatting
*By a friend to help you tell him.

I hope this helps?


  1. Over to the single ladies out there. These are useful tips to guide you in asking out a guy you love

  2. bross! hope you practice all these relationship tips ooo


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