Thursday, 17 December 2015

Five Benefits Of Dating And Getting Married To An Older Man

benefits of dating an older person
Age is not a barrier in choosing who to love or not to. But when it comes to deciding on who to spend the rest of our lives with, we tend to pay more attention to the age, religion, tribes, and values. Mistakenly some ladies see it as a sin for considering an older man for marriage. To me, dating an older guy can be a real catch and the type that gives a wonderful romantic experience. There are so many good reasons to consider dating a guy who is a couple of years older than you.

But before you finally go into it, it becomes necessary that you seek for advice, experiences, stories and to have some tips on dating an older man. Know the likely challenges, problems and just understand all the pros and cons. Here are few benefits of dating an older man than you. 

1) He Is  Matured And Experienced: Though maturity is not by age, but there is a high tendency that an older person would behave in a more matured way than the younger ones. They often know how to handle and appreciate relationships because of their past experiences in life. 

Just imagine dating and getting married to a man who understands what a relationship is all about, who is matured, strong, experienced, successful and, most importantly, a well-balanced. This is a glaring benefit of considering an older man for a healthy relationship.

2) He Knows How To Work Out The Relationship: Normally, an older person won't go into a relationship order than the fact that he needed it. So he sees you as the apple of his eyes. and he won't want to fight with you. An older man tends to understand how to work out their relationship than the younger counterparts.

An healthy relationship depends majorly on understanding and communication. It is through these two that you can work out things. They always believed in communication to discuss misunderstanding instead of resulting it to fight like someone younger will do.

3) He Is Ready To Be Committed And Settle Down: Except you are not dating the right man. But any single older man asking you out is single for a reason. He might be searching for the most compatible girl to settle down with. He might just had a broken relationship or something else. But when you meet such man, there is a tendency that he will be committed and ready to settle down as soon as possible. Unlike the other guys that are still young and have a long way to go. 

4) He Won't Get Jealous Unnecessarily: No older man want to be associated with childlessness. He don't want to be seen around be jealous for no reason. He know how much he’s worth and he knows why you picked him and decided to marry him. He over looks your mistakes so easily, and assume you are still a child who needed to be forgiven. He is not insecure and he won’t check up on you or try to control your life. He had realized his mistakes in the past relationship, and he won't want it to repeat itself.

5) He Does The Right Thing At The Right Time: Due to his experience and maturity, he knows the appropriate time for everything. He knows when to discuss certain issues with you. He understand when you are happy, and know when you are not. 

The most interested thing is that, when you are sad, he says exactly what you need to hear. He knows that you are mad even if you say that everything is ''okay'' and he wants to talk about it. No matter how busy he is, he know the important of your birthday and he will never forget.

Will you consider dating an older man? Or have you dated one before?


  1. I date men in my age group, cant date old men thought they are matured and experienced

  2. yes oo! i agree with your points


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