Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Five Serious Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Relationship

How to avoid ruining your relationship with certain mistakes
Building an healthy relationship is not easy as it requires a lot of time and commitments from both sides. Keeping such relationship is now more difficult because it requires a lot more from you. In contrary, most people spend much time and efforts in establishing a relationship, building it to a high level, but spend less time in keeping it going. 

No relationship dies in a day, its a gradual process. The moment you are doing less to keep that wonderful relationship you committed your time and efforts to build, the more uninteresting both of you become in the relationship. One of my friends became a victim of this as her guy no longer put any bit of effort to maintain the relationship. After trying her best and he never changes, then she felt it was the best time to  quit and move on. So as not to waste her time.

In order not to ruin the relationship you've committed so much in building, it therefore becomes important to be familiar with the most common mistakes that can ruin your relationship is care is not taking. 

1) Unhealthy Criticism And Complain: Nothing is as discouraging as finding yourself in a relationship that is full of complains and critics on a daily basis from your partner. This is capable of turning out your relationship to become unhealthy gradually. Constantly criticizing your partner is like killing him/her slowly and which will finally kill the love in their mind and force them to be less interested.
2) Unhealthy Comparison: So many partners do this unconsciously. We try to compare out partners with someone else. Maybe our ex. or some other persons. Often time we fail to realize that, the more we complain the more our relationships exposed to danger. 

Constant comparison of your loved ones with others will get you nowhere or will at least get you where your past relationship also ended. So try as much as possible to accept your partner as they are.

3) No More Time Together: At the beginning of every relationship, partners tends to give more time to each other. Having enough physical contact, calling, chatting, sending of texts, and any other means of getting in touch. 

Things eventually changed as the relationship keep moving. We become less interested in most of those things, and get less content with each other.  To keep your relationship alive, you have to keep getting in touch.

4) Trying To Control Your Partner: Love is all about respect for each other and does not mean loving their ability to become accustomed to how you want them to be. Loving someone means loving them exactly the way they are even in their own little imperfect way. 

Dominating them by controlling your partner will only make them feel like a little child. You have stop doing this, before it finally get them intimidated and make them feel insecure.
5) Telling Lies To Please Your Partner: Any relationship built on telling lies will definitely not go far. The reality is that, the more you lie to your partner, the lesser he/she trusts you. Any relationship that lack trust is definitely in mess. It won't work out. 

To make your relationship remain healthy, you have to focus on telling them the truth in all time. Don't pretend to please them. This is a simple way of building trust in every relationship.

I hope you will take note of this few things in your relationship?


  1. Very true indeed. Some people do these things without even knowing.
    Merry Christmas


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