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Five Signs To Tell If You Are In A Healthy Relationship

what are the signs of healthy realtionship
A real healthy relationship is far away from what most people perceived it to mean. Mistakenly, a lot of people assumed a healthy relationship is that which gives them a lot of comfort in terms of money, sex and material things. Today, it is not uncommon to see couples leaving under the same roof made up of wealth and frustration. 

Often times, it comes too late to them before they realize that, a healthy relationship was not really what they had while dating but a worldly one. They always come to believe that, only a relationship that makes them feel good, happy, joyful, secured can be considered healthy. Not the one that only inflate their bank account and wardrobe.

My Experiences In Unhealthy relationship
I was once a victim. I've had a relationship before now. I won't say she was a wrong person in my life. She was such a wonderful girl in her own ways, but I never feel love, secured or enjoyed the benefits of being in healthy relationship. I was just in, majorly because I had being alone for too long. So I decided to continue to cope and continue to give, may be the relationship would turn out to be productive some day. I had to continue giving until it hurt and I didn’t have the strength to give more.

Despite all my efforts, all I got in return was far away from what anybody could referred to as a healthy relationship. I became so bored and frustrated. Then I quit and remained committed to building my career. Three years later, somewhere around the internet, there appeared a lady (My girl). She was the first to get in touch, though I never see anything special in that as I had a lot of female friends of that nature. 

No matter how hard I pushed and tried to ignore her, she always seemed to find a way to get back. She always had a reason to be around me and she always had the reasons to assume its her responsibility to make me happy and get out of my boring life. I later  opened up my heart for her and we became the best of friends and later resulted to dating.

Honestly, I never knew what people in a healthy relationship felt like until I was in one. I never know a girl could be so loving, caring and committed to relationship, until I met her. Here are few signs I'm experiencing till date for being in a healthy relationship.

1) I feel Comfortable: Love is a beautiful thing, and it has it own ways of bringing comfort into our lives. If you are in a healthy relationship you are going to feel like a fresh spring flower. You will know that the world admires you for who you are and you will feel the change within yourself. 

You will always wake up to new promising days, believing that there is someone somewhere you can really call your own. We always want to hear what each have to say, and it has always been fun the little time we've ever spent together.

2) We Respect Each Other: This is one of the benefits everyone in a healthy relationship should enjoys. Self respect is very important. I always respect her opinion and she does as well to mine. Its our responsibility to support each other, we've become a part of each others' lives. I'm her mentor, her man and her best friend, and she means a lot to me too.

3) We Tolerate And Accept Each  others' Flaws: Tolerance is what makes relationship more interested to you, even when your partner is not doing things right. You will still believe in him/her, accept their flaws and see reasons to love them more. Healthy relationship would always teach you the act of tolerance, if you are in one.
4) We Respect Each Others' Family: Families and its members plays a major role in our marital lives, therefore we cannot overlook their impact in determining the strength of our relationships. Nothing is more pleasing to see, than getting to know how greatly is the respect your partner have for your family. 

This has a way of making you feel so relaxed and experience the signs that you are in a healthy relationship. A person who respects your family definitely deserves to be a part of your life and your family. Never let go of anyone who not only likes but also respects your family.

5) We Always Feel Secured: When I came into the relationship, I became confident and stronger than ever before. I don't have trust issue, we both feel so beautiful and stopped feeling insecured like in my previous relationship. If you are in a healthy relationship, no matter the distance or problems between you guys, you will always believed in your partner, you will never agreed they can hurt you, and they won't.

Is There Anything I Missed Out?


  1. it is highly essential to feel comfortable in a relationship

  2. You said it all dear. Each point make have a reevaluate to know If my relationship have stopped being unhealthy. Thanks for sharing and am happy you are happy..

    1. I meant to state that "to know if my relationship have stopped being healthy" thanks for your understanding

  3. Thank God for you Uthman. It feels so good to be in a healthy relationship


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