Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Four Most Difficult Set Of People You Cannot Change

who are the type of people that are difficult to change
If you are a kind of person who work with people's psychology, opinions, values and beliefs, it may not be new to you that some sets of people can never be changed. No matter how hard you tried to prove and convince them, they are not just the type that can understand you and be changed. If care is not taking, in the process of trying to change others for good, they may end up changing you to their wills.

Below are set of people you can't change, so don't waste the valuable part of your time trying to work on them.
1) Those Who Always Promise To Change But Won't: This is the common one among them. These are people who have all the skills, abilities and intention to make a change in their lives, but they won't make it. They’ll try as hard as possible, yet it won't work out. They’ll do all that they can think of to alter their behavior yet they will slip up. The first few times, you’ll forgive them. After all, they will beg for forgiveness. They will cry and repent their mistakes. They are their own obstacles in life and they don't seem to be capable of winning. 

While relating with others, I've learn from these people that, having an intention means nothing without action. I got to know that, well wishing means nothing. So many people spend their entire life trying to do things right yet still do it wrongly. These kind of people are just everywhere and you can't just help them to change.

2) People Who Never See Mistakes In Their Ways: People in this categories are always very tough to change. You can commit you resources, your energy and all efforts to make sure they see reasons why they have to change, but they won't. The reason is simple, they are not seeing anything wrong in what they do and how they do it.  

To you, the person is in needs of help which you are ready to offer, but to him/her, you are just an intruder who is coming in to their lives uninvited. They feel like you are disturbing yourself by having for them, the vision which they don't have for themselves. Therefore, irrespective of your efforts, you can't change them.

3) People Who Change Too Frequent: I don't have problem with these people other than the fact that they change too often. They change just too much. If you moved closer to them and you become best of friend, they are not difficult to approach and they reason quickly with you. So when you sell an idea to them, they buy it so quickly. 

Don't be surprised one day when you wake up and discovered they are no longer with you. They've embraced another ideology so cheaply from another person. Ask them out for relationship today, they will say yes, and say yes to another person tomorrow as well. You don't have to be worried so much on these people, its more or less like they don't have the mind of their own.

4) People With Different Values With Yours: These kind of people are contrast to your ways of thought. When I had a friend that belongs to this kind of class, I got to know that that the values of others are often unchangeable. That you can scream at someone until your voice goes numb and they will still never hear you. 

If you've tried your best and you can't  change them, you will finally agree to listen to their own point of view. You would be force to compare and find your differences. If care is not taking, from this kind of person person you will learn to receive a kind of love you couldn’t recognize at first. You’ll learn the value of that love. And you may even learn to give it back. Doing this means they finally succeeded in changing you.

Have you tried to work on any of these people before?


  1. You are so right in fact in each category, I have had an experience. Lol. Compliments


  2. This is absolutely correct.


  3. There are some people who thinks they are perfect and dont make mistakes, have tried to correct some of them but they will not listen


  4. You see to truth other matter is change is inherent in us but the ways to engender this change varies. Try changing your perspective on them and how they see or assimilate certain issues. May the way you presented your case to them was kinda abusive to them or some sorta harsh. Change is hard and it is a gradual process which I have learnt from experience.
    On a point of note, there are typographical errors in your writing. Please do proof read before posting so as to enable the reader have smooth reading. Thanks

    1. Thanks for your comment and observation. I have reviewed the post to the best of my knowledge. Thanks


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