Thursday, 17 December 2015

Four Reasons Why Women Divorce Their Husband Without Fight

reasosn why womwn quit their relatiosnhip and divorce
It is no longer a news that, when it comes relationship, ladies tend to invest a lot in it. They always invest everything they've gotten on it. Majority of them don't find it difficult to trust, so they trust blindly and love recklessly without second thought. If you have a girl who is really in love with you, you will realize that ladies are not selfish in relationship.

They don’t put themselves first when they are truly in love. They are always with the belief that you can't hurt them, and give you everything to make the relationship a success. That is true love for you from the female's angle.

In most cases, frustration do set in, when the guy cannot show love and cares just like she does. To be honest, a relationship where a lady is  forcing herself to please her guy may never work out. No matter the love, the care and the sacrifice she made, guys may not appreciate.

Most men only like to be associated with self esteem ladies. The kind of woman who knows her worth, respects herself and knows how to make guys respect her. Any woman that have a self-respect attitude, will not find it difficult to attract a man that appreciates her worth. Otherwise, no matter how hard she tried, the relationship will lack the following ingredients and you will be forced to leave.

Reasons Why Women Are Frustrated Out Of Their Lovely Relationship

1) Unconnected Feelings: This is more or less like a lack of common interests and feelings.Your guy is not just feeling like you feel. A sustainable relationship should be the one that both partners have a related feelings and both are always ready to love, give and care for each other. 

In any relationship where a lady is found giving all while a guy could not reciprocate, the woman will be forced to leave the relationship she has invested so much in. A healthy relationship is a group of things connected to one another giving you both reasons to hold on to one another. If these connections don't exist anymore, your lady will no longer feel inclined to stay in the relationship for any reason.

2) Poor Communication: Effective communication is key in any healthy relationship. Unfortunately, some men will not give this. Most women are in relationship because they need someone to talk to, to share their pains and joy with. Someone to tell them they are pretty, and encourage them when they are down. Most women cannot bear it to be neglected for too long and if she is, this may form a basis for woman to quit the relationship.

3) Woman Not Been Treated As Priority: If you are a lady forcing yourself on a guy, such guy you love so much may never place you above the smallest thing in his life. Even though you see him above everything. To him it may not be the same. 

As a man who invests most of his time into activities that pleases you, the less time you give your woman, the more distort she starts to feel about the relationship. Most women want to be the priority for their men, they hate been treated as convenience. They don't feel secured when their men seem to place something or someone above them. If any woman

4) There Wont Be Physical Intimacy: Being physically intimate says a lot of things about your relationship. That's why everyone needs intimacy. In a relationship where a partner is left alone without been closed to, he/she will feel unwanted and worthless which is dangerous for the relationship. If a woman is not getting this, no matter how deep she love, she might be tempted to walk out of the relationship.

For you not to lose that very wonderful woman in your life, you must be familiar with certains reasons why women leave their relationship. I hope this helps?

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  1. Communication is the key in any relationship...guys take note


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