Saturday, 12 December 2015

Four Serious Issues That Should Not Be Allowed To Destroy Your Relationship

How to avoid problems in our relationships
On so many occasions, we've ruin our relationships, our marriages and families by allowing some relationships concerns/issues to matter to us. We tend to attached so much importance to them than they deserved and they finally break down the unions we so much admired. Just because as a new couples, we had the wrong impression that everything will continue just as we started. Therefore, when we experience little challenges in our relationships, we give it more attention than normal. The attitude which is always unhealthy for every relationships.   

In most cases, having an healthy marriage/relationships all depends on you. We all need to understand that a number of daily marital problems we are experiencing are normal and deserved no special attention than few things to be done to get it corrected. In marriage, you don't create problems when there is non, and you don't escalate issues when you should just talk it over with your partners.

Below are some of the relationship issues that are not worthy of giving a chance to destroy our affairs.

1) Boredom In Marriage: This happens and it happens to every marriage at one point or the other. You will just experience a sudden falling short of interest in everything. You feel like everything is bored and they are not just as it used to be or how you anticipated. You feel depressed with your marriage, and everything is just stagnant for a moment. You feel like the feeling of love and closeness you shared with your partner is not there anymore.

We shouldn't allow this feeling to matter a lot to us, and we should try as much as possible not to blame our partners for this. Instead, look for a romantic way of solving the problem. We could arrange for a weekly visit to a cinema, a park, a club or reading the same romantic novel which we will have to talk about it at night.

2) Non Sexual Cheating: On so many occasions, we hear of partners cheating on each other. So many marriages has been broken for this reason alone. Let me say, cheating can come in various means. A partner could feel cheated when his/her partner deceived her with lies. A partner might feel cheater when he/she is a kind of been neglected or abandoned. 

Your partner might feel cheated when you refused to fulfill your promises, spying through their phones, checking their stuff unnecessarily and so many other issues like that. In my own opinion, all these issues should not be allowed to destroy our relationships except when it has exceeded into a sexual cheating which is a big issue to be considered. 

Even at that point, so many partners would be left with no option than to forgive the spouse who cheated on them sexually. So don't allow unnecessary non sexual cheating to murder your marriage.

3) Misunderstanding: This is not new and actually happens in every marriage. We are human beings and we are imperfect therefore our relationships with others cannot be perfect as well. The reality is that all relationships and marriages have their weaknesses. So there is possibility that we are going to have some misunderstanding in our marriages with our partners. 

When this happens, don't see it as something special that the whole world has to be aware of. Talk to your partner about it, apologize in case you are at fault, and settle it without inviting outsiders. This may not be applicable where someone married to a natural trouble maker as partner.

4) Distance In Marriage: No doubt that physical intimacy in any relationship is very important. Giving a frequent hug, a kiss, a touch and participating in a loving relationship benefits us to live much longer, more healthier and content. But the benefits of this might not be there in a situation where a partner is a kind of far to the other. 

sincerely, it is an issue to be addressed but should not be allowed to destroy your marriage. It normal, and at one point or the other, we experience movement and have to be away from our homes for a while. We might even be around but our job, studies or research is taking much of our time.

These are serious relationship issues that should not be allowed to destroy our marriages no matter what.

I hope this helps? 

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  1. Lot of issues both serious and unserious issues happening in marriages. A blog reader sent an email to me about her marriage and I almost broke down in tears.
    May GOD help us

  2. If only the married will heed to all these, our marriages would have been heaven here on earth. It is well ooooooo


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