Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Happy Wedding Anniversary To Mr. & Mrs. AbdulHakeem

happy marriage and how to get it
Healthy relationship is for all couples who wish to experience it. Unfortunately, so many were deprived of it because they had the wrong notion that keeping an healthy relationship solely depends on cash, car and other
worldly valuables. Having a successful relationship has no specific formula but with experiences from couples who enjoy a wonderful marriage life, we can learn some tips. There are things we can learn from them.

On this date exactly three years ago 29th Dec. 2012, my brother and wife both said 'I do' and were joined together with the Holy word of Allah and became a couple. Ever since then, they've been living together as a couple under the same roof and same condition. The wedding which produces more love, joy, harmony, progress and two wonderful children (Mariam & AbdulHalim) is three years today.  

What specifically make their relationship such productive and healthy was prayer and few of these things I learn and observed from them over the years. Here are few things they do that make their relationship to work out and healthy.

1) They Communicate Always: I'm used to laying emphasis on the importance of communication in every relationship. It is the best way to keep two hearts together. My bros and wife are not in any way scared to open their hearts out to each other. The reality is that, couples who have deep conversations are far more likely to be happy than couples who always keep it light and breezy.

2) They Spend Time Together: What makes them more happier is the opportunity of being together throughout the three years. Happy couples give priority to been always together constantly without being tired.

3) They Find It So Easy To Forgive Each Other: They always find it so easy to overlook each other's mistakes and forgive almost immediately. Their beliefs is that any relationship which is built on holding grudges will never last. As the wife do say, nothing is bigger than our relationship, so we let go of small things and move on. We forgive and forget as soon as possible.

4) They Respect Each Other: Healthy relationship is all about respect. Respecting your partner, respect their opinion and feelings. Respect is what I noticed in abundant in their relationship.  It is essential that you are familiar with each other and understand each other's principle. Respect them for how they are, what they want and how they want to be.

5) They Appreciate Each Other: One thing I learn from them is appreciating each other. They are good in appreciating each other even if they are doing something for a millionth times. Irrespective of the fact that they are now together for three years, they keep remind themselves of how they met and how charming they were both looking when they met. 

These are few among many other things they do to keep an healthy relationship for a long period of three years. I wished them a continuous healthy staying together and happy married.


  1. My congratulations to the happy couple. My wife and I recently had our 44th anniversary (you wouldn’t believe all the things we’ve gone through). One thing that might be exceedingly rare in your part of the world is that in the late 1980s, she went back to her maiden name, so we have different last names.

  2. Wow! 44th anniversary? Its a real wonderful staying together.

    Bearing a different last name with your spouse is rare here. I doubt if I know any couple with such.

    How are you doing sir?

    1. “Bearing a different last name with your spouse is rare here.”

      I remember a time when it would have been almost unheard of here in America, but I also remember a time when divorce was almost unheard of here in America. Now, almost everyone gets divorced, and a lot of people live together but don’t get married at all. Homosexual marriage is also legal now. If there’s one thing that having lived 66 years has taught me, it’s that society can change very rapidly and in unexpected ways.

    2. 44? are you kidding me?

      You are grandpa ooo

  3. Congratulations to your brother and his wife.
    They shall celebrate more years in good health and wealth


  4. Congrats to this beautiful family. Vital points indeed for a successful marriage. Please correct your number three "The" thought it should be "They"


  5. Happy new year from TLB to you and your blog family.


  6. congrats to them ... and happy maried life

  7. Congrats to them, happy anniversary Mr & Mrs AbdulHakeem

    Topmost Tree

  8. Here's wishing them many more blissful years ahead


  9. Congrats to them....Many more years together

    Chincobee’s Blog


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