Sunday, 27 December 2015

How Could Divorce Affect My Children?

effect of divorce on children education and health
To couples, divorce often comes with pains, a sense of emptiness, feeling seriously betrayed, wounded, hurt, but yet incomparable with the pains experience by the children. But unfortunately many couples do underestimate the level at which their children suffer physically and emotionally before going ahead with their divorce plan without proper consideration to the negative effects of divorce on their children.

To so many children, their parents are the center of their joy and comfort. To survive, they need a lot of attention, care, love and and instructions on how to do things from their parents. As a result of the parents divorce, these children do experience deep and lasting emotional trauma.

Therefore, it is necessary for parents who are about to separate or divorce to be very concerned about the negative effects of divorce on their children. They should take proper considerations as to whether their decision will affect the security, education, happiness and health of their children. This is because, divorce has a numerous ways of affecting the children negatively.

Below are few effects of divorce on children in a broken home 

1) It Takes Children Some Times To Adjust To The New Situation: In real sense, the consequences of divorce for children are mostly that they have to move to a different home. They may also be required to move to another school and another environment entirely. 

Children can adapt easily, but the pains of not waking up to see either of their parents with them again may be difficult to cope with. Where you see them living with their mother, they will keep asking when is dad coming here.

2) Developed Hatred For Parents: Some little grown up children may develop a serious hatred for either both or one of their parents. Believing that, their parents are selfish for putting their own interest above the children. So they tend to behave more independent.

They feel betrayed by their divorced parents. Turn to be more rebellious and aggressive in nature. They don't want to see any of their parent. They feel cheated but need to take care of themselves and do things in their own ways. These kind of children might grown up to be lonely and arrogant in future.

3) Children From Divorce Homes Suffers Academically: No doubt that a  children who suddenly turn aggressive and provocation due to divorce will be backward in his/her education. This is because majority of them experience high levels of behavioral problems which reduce their performance and their grades suffer. Some of them may later turn out to be drop out.

4) Children Are Exposed To Poverty: Except if the financing of children is well spelt out and back up by law. The children from divorced homes are likely to live in poverty.

5) Children from divorced homes are much more likely to keep bad friends, exposed to sexual scandals, engage in drug and alcohol use. All these affect their education, health and well being.

Therefore, before any one consider divorce as the last resort, it is necessary to give it a second thought because of the children.


  1. children are the most affected ,even the couples are affected too

  2. Divorce is the origin of most of the problem we have in the society today. Nothing good about divorce except in a situation where lives are at stake, then, I will say preservation of life/ lives


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