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How Do I Balance My Relationship With Pursuing My Career In Life

how to balance and manage my relationship with my career
One of the most difficult thing to do is balancing the wheel of your relationship with that of your career. For someone who want to keep a committed relationship and still want to actively pursue his/her goals, seriously need to understand how to go about it. The only hindrance to doing this is time. You will always have limited time to spend with each other because your career and relationship keep demanding for time which you have less.

Me And My Ex In Relation To Career And Healthy Union
In my previous relationship, I was so worried that my relationship would cause me to neglect my dream and desire.
Most times, my ex-girlfriend do complain that I spent too much time on  my personal activities than the relationship. She felt I don't like wasting time on chatting, talking on phone for long or even leaving my location to see her.

She she needed an time/attention which I had less. My whole plan then was to achieve all I have to be, on top of my professional career and careless about the time's demands of the relationship. Until the whole relationship fell out.

It was after then that I realized that, there are three perspectives from which people go about this, and I've been adopting the wrong one for years.

Three  Relationship/Career Categories

1) Relationship Before Career And Goals: People in this category prefer to be in a healthy relationship above pursuing a career. An individual might think of giving up on his/her goals, in order to keep an healthy relationship. Good! That is possible, but unfortunately, at the end of the day, you might found yourself to be unhappy. 

This is not only because you have an unfulfilled desire, but also because you've forsaken your goals in life. This may create an inner personal criticism on yourself which is capable of pressurizing your relationship and kill it at the end of the day.

2) Career Before Relationship:  For someone who want to give up on his/her relationship and commit more time in  pursuing his/her goals. Doing this will definitely make you commit less time on your relationship. You partner may feel neglected because both of you will never feel the impact of being in a relationship for once. 

All you have to do is pursuing your goals, you feel fulfilled and remain on top of your profession as a career person in life. But you will surely lack a functional relationship, which may provoke your partner to work out of your life completely.

3) Balancing Both Career and Relationship: This is the most difficult to do but more advantageous. People in this categories are interested in pursuing their goals and at the same time needed a wonderful relationship. They always device a means of meeting their relationship needs at the same time with their dream ambition in life. So they do much in keeping both realistic.

This is the method I adopt in my current relationship in order to prevent re-occurrence of what actually happened with my Ex. Its not really easy as its more difficult to practice than the second category but you can do it. With some of the tips I highlighted below, you will find it extremely easy to manage pursuing your goals with your relationship.

Here are how to manage your goals with your relationship without losing out on any

1) Create A Daily Work Plan: The major constraint here is 'time'. Therefore you must avoid all forms of time wastage to meet up with your time demand for your relationship and your goals. Therefore, you having a daily work plan would help you to be more focused and productive in pursuing your goals within a short period of time. You will have the rest of your day to spend with your partner.
2) Improve The Communication With Your Partner: One thing that is more provoking is not having the time and attention you deserved in a relationship because your partner is busy pursuing his/her goals. You don't have to suffer your relationship with lack of communication because of your desire. The more you talk, the more healthy your relationship is likely to be.

3) Date/Marry Someone That Understands You Better: This is very important while you are trying to manage pursuing your goals and keeping a healthy relationship. Your partner must understands you, know what your profession requires and take you for who you are.

I think this is what my Ex lacked that quickly got her provoked and unable to cope.  


  1. Kudos for talking it out bro using your personal experience. Actually I belonged to the first Relationship/Career categories but after realizing that its not really okay about some years ago, i moved to NO #2 which am still currently into.

    I feel i shouldn't start No #3 now that its early and that i should still continue with the No #2. What do you think?

    1. Its better to trail at the right channel almost at the beginning of any journey...its good to strike the balance as early as possible. You might not be able yo do it, when you become more busy.

      How you sir.?

  2. Alright bro and thanks for the wonderful advice. I'd suggest you start open a counselling online office on Relationship? *lol*
    #JustMyThought though

  3. I agree with you, marry someone who understands you better!


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