Monday, 21 December 2015

How To Avoid Early Morning Stress While Waking Up From Bed

how to avoid morning waking up anxiety,stress and tiredness
Most people are filled with the wrong assumption that, waking up early in the morning by an individual is generic or lucky so they are not doing anything about it. To some people waking up from bed in the morning is the most difficult thing to do. They always feel so stressed, tired, reluctant and come out of bed with serious body pains in the morning. 

The reality is that, waking up looking so energized and  productive in the morning without stress is not by luck. You just have to work on yourself and adopt some new strategies to your daily lifestyles. To a greater extent, how you approach your sleep and waking up is largely a developed habit rather than a genetic trait as some people assumed.

Here are few things that you should do to stop getting tired or stressed when you are to wake up in the morning

1) Always Take A Light Dinner: You must learn to developed the habit of taking an big breakfast, a medium-sized lunch, and then a very light dinner. But unfortunately, the real life practice is opposite to this. 

Most times when you have problem sleeping at night, its possible that your dinner was too heavy, which always takes longer time for your system to digest. If you have trouble at night, the same thing will apply to waking up.

2) Always Eat A Lots Of Fruits and Vegetables: In recent times, most of what we eat are full of processed food. we’re surrounded by all sorts of processed food, which contain so much of artificial ingredients. Taking too much of these food could be dangerous to healthy sleep because they are taxing on the body, which leads to waking up groggy. 

Therefore, for you to balance this since you can't stop eating processed food, make sure you eat a lots of  fruits and vegetable food. Having a quality diet precedes quality sleep, so don’t go a day without eating fruit or veggies.
3) Have A Regular Exercise: The reason why most people are always been discouraged about taking up an exercise is because they think it has to be in the gym which is  not. Regular exercise could be done by just going for a jog or a nice walk outside. You can also go to gym if you so wished.  

Just try as much as possible to incorporate exercise into your daily lifestyles. This is because regular exercise helps you sleep better at night and wake up energized, happy and painless in the following morning. Also for mental alertness.

For you to have an healthy sleeping, you have to strategies and follow the rules.

Article By: Abolaji I.B. He is a fitness instructor, and a specialist in human kinetic and health education.


  1. u feel stress when i wake up in the morning,tho i follow the above stated rules but i think my ownis not getting enough sleep

    1. You need to to try as much as possible to take enough sleep. I know is not easy, but necessary you do.


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