Friday, 18 December 2015

How To Be Satisfied And Happy In Life Without Money

How to be satisfied and remain happy in life without money
When we are talking of happiness in life, contentment cannot be overlooked. It is contentment that differentiate the level at which an individual will be happy in life. Joy and happiness are seen with different eyes by different individual. An individual may have a lot of wealth and occupy a high position in life yet remained unsatisfied and unhappy.

While another individual becomes the most happiest man on earth by having a quarter of what the first person has. This means that for everyone, degree of happiness and contentment is derived from different perspectives. Though what happiness means to an individual is everything that makes them feel content, satisfied and joyful. 

Due to the nature of our commitment in life, human being do often ignore the importance of contentment in relation to been happy and satisfied. Often time we look so desperate to achieve our targets, that we always overlook the level of success we've achieved in life. We all just wanna be a popular blogger like someone else and refused to be happy for the gradual increment in our daily blog visitors and the little popularity we've gain within few period.

If we continue like this, we will continue to be ungrateful and remain unhappy. It is very important we check ourselves, count our blessings and be contented with the level of success we've achieved because that is the only way to been happy in life. 

Below are few suggestions on how to be satisfied and remain happy in life.

1) Set A Short And Long Term Goals: Our want is unlimited and insatiable. If care is not taking, throughout our lives, we may remain unhappy because we are unable to achieve the unachievable.  Therefore, for us to be happy in life, it becomes necessary for us to set both short and long term goals.  A football match without a goal pole will definitely end with frustration.

Individuals with achievable goals and aims are always more satisfied and content in comparison to people who do not. A targeted goal is like a bus stop you are looking forward to get to at a particular point in time.  Goals keep you going instead of having no purpose to look for in life and this makes you more satisfied. 

2) Don't Depend On Money To Make You Happy: It is always difficult to tell people that money is not everything. Money cannot guarantee ones happiness, it can't assure you of satisfaction and its not just everything we need in life to be happy. 

Money is more of materialistic in nature, the more money you get the more you wished to. There are several millionaires in our society today who are not still happy and remain unsatisfied. So living a worthy life is not 100% all about money making so don't build your happiness on it.

3) Associate With Good People: Nothing can really determine your happiness like the kind of connection you keep. Your family, your friends, your lovers, your fans, colleagues and so many more. If you keep wonderful people around you, you will always be happy even without too much money.

When you know you have a line of people who genuinely think about you and care for you, you automatically feel content and satisfied.

4) Be An Opened Minded Person: Talk to people. Don't be the type that always keep to yourself all time. Being silent with negative thought will never help. Talk and discuss your worries with people that can help you out instead of keeping it to yourself.  

If you are the type that live with free mind, your heart will not think about the regrets and trouble you are facing all the time, but it in turn thinks about more positivity and healthy living. This is because you will hear of people whose situation's are worst than yours. Keeping to yourself will only make you believe you are the worst on earth and you have no reason to be happy and be grateful. 

I Hope This Helps?

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  1. but money eehn,it goes along way ooo.if you dont have money,no matter what your mind will still be there


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