Thursday, 24 December 2015

How To Know If You Are In A Mature Relationship

how to know a mature relationship or partner
Are you dating a matured partner? Are you in a matured relationship? How do you know you are in a matured relationship and what yardstick do you used to measure the maturity in your relationship? Do you just arrived at your conclusion because he/she doesn't complains, jealous or cheat on you? Or is it because your partner is matured by age?

Most time, the misconception in what people term to mean a matured relationship is a wrong assumption that its all about age. They failed to know that age has nothing to do with maturity. You might be dating an older person and yet the relationship is not matured.  

Here are few things that tell you are in a mature relationship

1) No Trust Issue In a Matured Relationship: Matured relationship is about trusting your partners, accepting what your partner is and letting yourself be genuine with them. One of the things that tells you that, your relationship is not matured is insecurities. It will either be that both of you don't trust each other, or one of you don't. Immature dating scares you and always stop you and your partner from being the true version of yourself. 

2) Matured Partners Find It Easy To Forget Your Past: Contrary to matured partners, an immature partner always look at your past mistakes to hurt you. If both of you are not matured, you would be found looking back in each others' past to fight. Someone in a matured relationship will never do this rather than looking forward to the future with an aspiration that things will surely work out.
The partners in matured relationship believe, everyone has a past and is not supposed to affect the present. Reminding themselves every time they had a misunderstanding will only make things worse and will add the element of comparison to their healthy relationship. 

3) Matured Partners Don't Allow Third Parties To Dictate For Them: Its good to consult people when you are in need of a third party's advice in your relationship. But it doesn't mean they should dictate for you always on what to do especially when it come to your relationship matter.

Matured partners believed that nobody knows their partners better than them, therefore no one can really dictate to them what to do. They take a few advice from people, evaluate them and go with the best. And when there is non, they discard all. Unlike the immature partners who always run to the third parties for every simple thing to do.
Anybody in a mature relationship feel like true love exists and give them peace of mind. They don't argue or fight unnecessarily and if they had a misunderstanding, they settle it without external intervention.


  1. It's so frustrating that the long epistle I wrote, just vanished

    Merry Christmas

  2. It's so frustrating that the long epistle I wrote, just vanished

    Merry Christmas

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