Saturday, 19 December 2015

How To Know That A Guy Is No Longer Interested In A Relationship

how to know that your guy is no longer interested in a relationship
In every relationship, nothing is as painful as been abandoned for no reason by the person you thought could not do without you. Its really painful and seems unforgivable. Unfortunately, guys don't see this as something serious and majority prefer to just walk out of a relationship which they felt does not satisfy their wish any longer. As a lady, if care is not taking you may end up wasting your precious time waiting for the guy who is not intending to come back again. 

If you noticed the guy who has been paying attention towards everything about you suddenly backs off and creates distance between you. All your efforts to bring him more closer proven abortive and it seems like your guy has loses interest in you. He has never took his time to explain or complain about his tight schedule, no misunderstanding he just felt to withdraw and no reason for that.

The reality is that, you must be ready to move on because the inevitable break up is definitely approaching. 

Here are few things to look out for to know if a guy is no longer interested in a relationship

1) He Will Make Less Effort To See You: One of the best ingredients of a healthy relationship is physical intimacy. The person who so much love you will make all effort to see and be with you as soon and frequent as possible. No matter how busy they are, they will always want to be with you because that's where their hearts belong.

The moment you discovered that your guy is no longer interested in seeing you, and he off rejects all attempts you made to get that done without any reason. Be ready for a break up because this is a sign that the guy is no longer interested in the relationship.

2) He Will Call You Less: You have to be watchful to know when he start talking to you less. It is a serious sign that a guy is no longer interested in the relationship. Unless they have obstructions or been too busy, someone who really loves you, will wants to talk to you more than once a day. If you noticed your guy has not been taking his time to call you like before again, and he has no reason for doing that. This may be that he is no longer interested in the relationship

3) He Will Show Less Interest In Your Conversation With Him: Without communication, an intimate relationship will fail to thrive. So you decided to get in touch and call his phone but he cut you off by not showing interest in the discussion, this is an indication of a withdrawal of interest in the relationship. 

He used to be someone that love a long conversation with you, but suddenly shifts to shorter discussion either on phone or in physical. There is something wrong. If you have no any form of misunderstanding with him, he might just want to frustrate the relationship with lack of communication.

4) His Tone Changes Towards You: Except someone who is frustrated, no guy will talk with his girl with an harsh voice. Most of the guys do show their interest by speaking to ladies using a special tone. They will like to please you and give you an assurance that you belong to them. This is when a guy is truly in love.

Often times, they can't hide it when their feelings change, their voices become less affectionate and sound as if he is talking with his enemies. He speaks to you without any form of intimacy in his tone, and if you ask why is he responding that way, he may even respond unkindly you, or say something unfriendly. This is the a strong sign that he is no longer interested  in the relationship. 

I Hope This Helps And Have You Ever Experienced Any Of This From A Guy?


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