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How To Know When A Girl Is No Longer Interested In A Relationship

 how to tell if a girl is no longer interested in a relationship
You have been dating this girl for a while now and the relationship looks so promising until recently when things are not just working out in the old way. You are now feeling like your relationship is no longer secure and is at the point of collapse. This is making you to feel like the girl you so much love with, is no interested in the relationship any longer. You may be scared to confront her to avoid wrong accusation if in case is not what you think.

I have an alternative way to find out for you. The real fact is that, ladies are very emotional. Therefore, what they say, how they behave can give you an insight to what their feelings are. All you just have to do is to take note of those things, with ease you will get a clearer picture of what is in her mind towards the relationship. Thereafter, you confront them to hear it all.

Here are few signs you should watch out for to know if your girl is no longer interested in the relationship or otherwise.

1) She Will Always Give You Negative Body Language: Some ladies may not be bold to issue a verbal expression of their intention to go out of the relationship. Instead prefer to use body language, expecting you to understand it. Just try as much as possible to note when she is withdrawing her body away from you whenever you are together. For instance you might be standing to talk and her are arms are crossed and she turn away avoiding eye contact.
Just imagine a girl that has always been free and accommodating before suddenly changed to giving you a negative body language. She pay less attention to your discussion, playing with her phone, chatting with someone else, listening to music while you talk or making an unregulated calls in your presence. She might just be using this to pass signals that she is not comfortable and not interested in what you are saying.
2) She Will Always Avoid Having Contact With You: You are not in a long distance relationship but you can't remember the last time you see your girlfriend. Apart from the fact that she never make attempt to see you, she always cancel your plan to see each other. If a girl continue to cancel plans is a red flag that something may be wrong.
It is not new that a girl that is interested in you will always try to make herself available and want to spend her time with you, so if you find your girlfriend constantly avoiding you, take it as a sign that she is probably not interested in the relationship any longer.
3) She Will Always Create Unnecessary Fight: This is funny right? It could...but true. When a lady is no longer interested in a relationship and she can't voice out to say it. She will always result to fight some minor issues. With an attempt to frustrate you out. 
I'm not saying you should not fight in relationship, it is bond to happen but if she result every little thing to fight frequently, you have to be watchful. Its possible she is no longer interested in the relationship.

4) She Will Stop To Call You: Though in a relationship, women are not the type that do call all the time like guys. Few of them do call when they don't hear from us. Remember girls like to talk, if you don't call her for a while and she never call back or text like before she might be talking with someone else or not interested in you any more.
5) She Will Always Intimidate You With Other Guys: A girl that so much loves you will take you above other guys. She will appreciate you and see you with the best model for other guys. But if she start talking about other guys and consistently compares you to other. 
Its possible she is a kind of friendly girl but when she finally come out to tell you her extreme interest in other guys, its questionable. That is a sign that she is no longer interested in the relationship with you and don't care of what you said.

Or what do you think?


  1. I have this deep feeling that you are speaking from experience... lols.
    Sometimes, when she acts like this, she is trying to tell you that she is no longer feeling you, and you should check what has changed and revert before it is too late.


  2. hahahahaha ugo how did you know,hian thats what you experioenvced too dont lie


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