Monday, 7 December 2015

How To Lose Weight Without Stopping Eating Your Favourite Food

Easy way to lose weight by burning fat
The funniest thing people do while trying to lose some weight by burning out excessive fat is starving themselves. They don't only control their diet, they always go to the extent of giving up on their favorite food. That means, they always have to deprive themselves in a lot of ways. You don't eat this, you can't eat that all because you want to lose some weight may not be the best option. Most people often find it difficult to believe that you can still eat well without depriving yourself and still shed out some weight.

With this article, I will tell you how to feed well and still lose weight instead of depriving yourself of eating what you want. Below is how to eat well and still burn out some fat and lose some weight.

1) Eat More Of Fruit, Vegetables And Water Rich Foods: If not that we want to look good, nobody has problem with eating good and nutritious food. We all like to eat meat, sugars and fat and oil. As the case may be, you still have to continue eating, but be watchful of the classes of food you combined. If you want to lose weight and still burn out fat, make sure vegetable take a large proportion of it. 

Always try as much as possible to eat delicious, sweet fruits instead of processed sugar food. So there is nothing bad in eating a lot of water rich food as you like. Therefore, eat more vegetable foods, don't arm yourself with hunger.

2) To Lose More Weight And Still Maintain Your Eating Habit Eat More Nut, Legumes And Beans: You can use any of these to make nutritious snacks and other forms of food. You can continue to eat as much as you like this food. You don't need to starve yourself because you want to look healthy.

3) Drink More Juice, Lemon And Lime:  Most people believed that as someone who is trying to experience weight lose, they have to seize the in take of all forms of juice. Its not real, all you need to do is to take more water and sugar free beverages which will help flush your body and make it easier to digest.Therefore you don't need to starve yourself to lose weight in as much as you can continue to take this type of fluid.

4) Don't Stop Taking Meat Or Dairy Because You Want To Lose Weight: That you want to lose some weight doesn't mean you have to beat yourself up over eating food that you like and derived pleasure in eating. You can continue to eat meat as long as you treat it as delicacies that come once in a while. Especially when you've already eaten a lot of quality nutricious food.
It is important you consider eating all the above food in case you don't want to starve yourself over excessive weight gain. Mind you, diet becomes more effective when it is properly combined with regular exercise. I Hope you can now continue eating what you like while losing weight at the same time? 

Article By: Abolaji I.B. He is a fitness instructor, and a specialist on human kinetic


  1. Oke, that is so great. But i think you should try a good system diet . that's all better

  2. Yeah I completely agree that weight loss can’t be achieved by starving yourself. But it is truly a wrong way and has no results. The tips you shared here are really effective in losing weight. I suggest everyone to follow these tips. Also try to take Green drink regularly!


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