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How To Occupy Your Children Positively During The Holiday

how to occupy my children for the summer break/holiday
So many children will soon be out of school. The Christmas Holiday is around the corner and so many children will be left idle doing nothing at home as a result of the school break. As a parent, who won't want to keep his,her children idle doing nothing at home, so it becomes necessary to get them occupied during the holiday.

Here are some of the useful tips to get your children occupied during the holiday .  

1) Occupy Your Children With Home Lesson: We all know they are just coming out of school and they may need to relax their brain for now. But you still don't need to leave your children to be completely away from their books throughout the Christmas break/holiday. 

This time around, they are not meant to go out to learn, its all about getting a home teacher who will come to introduce and familiarize them with some expected topics in their curriculum for next academic term. You can also do that yourself as a parent when you have a leisure time, or engage the older children to do it for their younger ones with your supervision.

2) Occupy Your Children With Holiday Story Writing Competition: If you have some older children, it would be more easier and fun to get them engaged with story writing competition during the break.  Just get them some writing materials and tell them to write all that happened during the break in form of a story book, you can also attach some prizes for the child who write best. 

Get them a book or diary with which they can write about the best parts of their holiday and add pictures or stick in items such as cinema tickets or pressed flowers from the garden to make it more interesting. At the end of the holidays they will love taking this into school to show their teachers and some other students. 

3) Engage Your Children With Art Work: Creativity is all we need here. We also want them to be occupied with something that will not look so bored to them. So getting them some art boxes does it all. Get them some inexpensive art supplies, such as pencil, paint, poster, newspaper, cleaners, art paint and any other necessary art materials to aid their performance. Instruct them to be more creative by making some fine art designs. They will really enjoy doing it, especially when you promised to decorate their room with the best art work among all.

4) Permit Them To Invite Their Favorite Friends For A Play: For the Christmas Holiday to be memorable for your children, you don't have to make them to be lonely all time. Tell them to invite one or two of their friends to your house to play. You can engage them with watching of movies, playing of games, reading or writing together. You just have to make them enjoy the day but under your close monitoring.

5) Take Your Children Out: An Holiday must not always be an indoor thing. You need to find a time to go out with your family. Your spouse and children will have to go along. It could just be for a day or two. Take them out to a game reserves, amazement parks, sport centers, Cinema or any other place around or outside your vicinity. This will exposed them to see what they might not have seen indoor.

Doing  all or some of these will really help to give your children a wonderful Christmas Holidays experience. 

I Hope This Helps?

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