Tuesday, 1 December 2015

How To Round Up Your Official Duties Before Christmas/End Of The Year Break

For guys in the office, the much awaited time is here. The holiday time is approaching and you are expected to tied up and clear your desk before the break. This is the part of the most stressful work in office, you just have to rush around to get everything done before heading for the end of the year's break. You are aware that you can't leave anything undone, and that has actually led you to undergo so much stress in recent time.

I know you can't afford to be called back during the holiday for what you left undone, and you are equally not ready to be queried for that. Therefore, here are some great tips to help you finished up your work before the break.

1) Always Be Punctual At Work: You have a lot to do within a limited time constraint. Therefore it would do you no go to start seeking for unnecessary casual leave at this crucial time. Try as much as possible to always be punctual at work. This will go a long way in assisting you to clear your work load before the break. 

Therefore, it is advisable to leave whatever you want to do with casual leave till the the proper break. Except if it so urgent and can't wait till then. As for me, this used to the very period in the year that, I don't take casual leave.

2) Delegate Responsibilities: You are a boss/Contractor and all work load is on your head to be completed within this little time. Why don't you try as much as possible to assign responsibilities to others? To avoid late hour rush, this is an excellent opportunity for you to pass on some responsibilities to your junior colleagues who might not be as busy as you do. You might not be able to do everything yourself, except you want to overworked yourself before the break.

3) Prioritize Your Work: At this juncture, it is important you prioritize your work. You need to design it in such a way that your plan will focus more on projects or documents that needed an urgent attention to be attended to. Start doing this by making a list of what absolutely can’t wait till next year. There some projects/contracts that has a deadline of this year, and some particularly are long overdue. Firstly, you have to get all these done, before any other ones come up.

4) Make A Check-List For Your Activities: After prioritizing your work, put it down in writing. You jotting down the numbers of work you needed to attend to and marking them out whenever they are completed is very important. If you don't do this, there is possibility that you will forget a particular important work to be completed. I hope you won't want your boss to call you back to complete a work during the break? So keep a check-list.

5) Avoid Distraction: In recent days, distractions can come from source. It could be from your friends, your family or even your phone. Someone somewhere needed your attention, while you should be at work. You are really busy in office and you got distracted with a Facebook notification or Whatsapp messages. All these are capable of posing a threat to your speed at work at this crucial time. So try as much as possible to avoid been unnecessarily distracted.

I'm sure the last thing you will want in this coming break is your boss/clients disturbing you with phones because of their works you left undone.

I Hope This Helps?


  1. Useful tips to the working class.


  2. useful tips.. will apply them...



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