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How True Is NYSC Payment Increment And How Much Is It?

Nysc payment increment allowance to corps members 2015
Me & Others At Osun Camp
I just decided to answer these questions here, as on several occasions I've been forced to answer them again and again in some forums where new and prospective corps members asked questions such as: How true is the NYSC Federal allowance increment? How much is the NYSC new corps members paid in 2015? When will the new administration start to pay #48,000 for corpers? How Much is the State allowance for corps members? And so on like that.

How Much Is The NYSC Federal Government Allowance?

As of now, what is obtainable as the federal government allowance to corps members all over the states is the tradional #19,800 monthly. This amount is paid irrespective of the State of your deployment.

Though, towards the end of the last administration, there was a rumors concerning the proposed increment of NYSC allowance, but when the new administration assumed power, such rumors is no where to be found.

How Much Is The NYSC State Allowances In Nigeria?

Let me say, this question is not perculiar and I will like to answer it within a general perspective. The amount a corps member is entitled to in a month from his/her State  of deploymentis varies. Some States pay higher than the others while some States don't even pay at all.

If you are serving in a State like Osun, your State's monthly allowance is #5,000. If you are a medical student serving in the state, you have a high chance of earning high, because your monthly earning would range between #98,000 to #57,000. Depends on your specialisation in the field of medicine.

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It might not be frequently paid, as it is always been accumulatted for four or six months before they are paid. Note, this payment is only payable to corps members serving the State government, not the ones with private sectors within the state. Other States like Kano and Kaduna pay #5,000 monthly to corps members as monthly allowance also.

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You can also earn some reasonable monthly State allowances from States like Akwa Ibom that pay #20,000, Enugu #10,000, Taraba #10,000, others States that also pay well are Lagos, Rivers, Oyo and Sokoto State.

How Much Am I Likely To Earn From My Place Of Primary Assignment (PPA)?

Someone asked me this question and my responds was that, it depends on  how lucrative your PPA is. I hope you are not expecting to see someone serving in Cheveron earning the same amount with a corps member serving in a village Nursary school? The diferences must be there, even if they want to pay you high, they may not be financially bouyant to do that. But surely, they must pay you some amount.

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NOTE: PPA monthly payment may not include corps member serving under State agencies as the State itself is paying you. PPA NYSC monthly payment is always relevant to corpers in private companies or Federal government agencies.

I Hope This Post Answers Some Of Your Questions About NYSC Payment In 2015? In case there is any review, I will update it to keep you updated.

 I hope this helps?


  1. corps members and alawee matter...


    i never depended on alawee during my service year here in katsina.. as i was doing a lot of businesses.. God was faithful....

    i wonder why most corp members will wanna kill dem selves over the peanuts gov is paying.. smh


    1. Gift that was nice of you...you realy did the best. Relying on allowee is the worst mistake any corp member can make. So you reside in Katsina?

  2. During my time, I got a job in a law firm, they pay me far above the allawee paid by federal government.
    I had money when I was serving, Choi


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