Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Important Health Benefits Of Taking More Water On A Daily Basis

I never realize and appreciate the healthy benefits of taking a large quantity of water until I was told by a doctor during my days in the University. I was sick on that faithful day and after undergoing several medical tests, he gave me some prescriptions and recommended drinking of at least eight glasses of water a day for speedy recovery. Then I found it strange.

As a health education and human kinetic student, going further in my studies, I got to know more about healthy benefits of taking more water. Findings had it that about 70% of our body mass is made up of water,  and therefore for proper functioning of our body system, we must increase our intake of water.

Below are few benefits of drinking more water on a daily basis
1) Taking More Water Can Be Used To Aid Weight Loss: For those of us who are interested in weight loss, the proper intake of water can do that in so many ways for us. Substituting your consumption of sodas to drinking more water can result in faster weight loss and burning of fat. 

In reality, drinking more water on a timely basis can suppress your appetite, limiting your food craving and get you feel full. So try to add as much as possible water-rich foods to your diet. Eat more vegetable food and all these combined will quickly aid your weight loss strategy.

2) Drink More Water To Energizes Your Muscles: Have you ever wondered why your body demands for more water during exercise at a timely interval? This is because your muscle cells require an adequate supply of fluids for optimal performance constantly.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to drink more water at an intervals to replace the amount lost by sweating. Muscle cells that don’t get the proper balance of fluids and electrolytes will shrivel, resulting in muscle fatigue. Drinking enough water will help your muscles work longer and harder before getting tired.

3) Drink More Water To Lubricate Your Joints: Most time in school when whenever we are in field for fitness training and any of us sustain  minor joint injury. After first aid treatment, we are always been advised to increase our intake of water. 

You might not know that, our joints need moisture to be flexible and strong. Therefore, having an increased intake of water can ensure that your movements are smooth and free of pain. 

4) Improve Your Skin By Taking More Water: I believe nobody like a dehydrated skin because it always result in dry skin, wrinkled or cracked. So to have a good looking skin, it is important to take more water to increase your skin moisture. Having an enough water intake will also prevent skin disorderliness.
 If you don’t drink enough water, your body can start to retain fluids, leading to bloating and puffy skin.

5) Increase Your Intake Of Water To Balances Your Body Fluids:  Increased daily intake of  water helps our body to regulate and control fluid absorption, circulation, digestion and maintenance of body temperature.

If you consider all theses wonderful health benefits of taking more water, I think its high time you start taking more water on a daily basis.

Article By: Abolaji I.B. He is a fitness instructor, and a specialist on human kinetic.

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  1. my love for water eehn,unlike before that i dont take water but now i live and dwell in water


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