Sunday, 6 December 2015

Should I Do More Exercise Or Control My Eating Habits To Lose Weight?

How to combine exercise and dieting to lose weight and burn fat
If you are looking forward to living an healthy lifestyle. There are only two ways to it. Those ways are through regular exercise and dieting. That's why to some extent, we can say, healthy living of an  individual, depends mainly on how the person is able to handle what he eats and how he uses his body. Both of them complement each other, and that's the reason why the two are necessary in order to live a completely healthy lifestyle. You can't go for one at the detriment of the other.

People's Mistakes On Exercise And Dieting
A lot of people make this mistake often.They actually believed in exercise, they go to gym, do home fitness training on a daily basis without combining it with appropriate diet to make it work out. Forgetting that for you to experience the kind of expected result after a rigorous training exercise you must try as much as possible to combine it with the appropriate diet.

So also on dieting, having a good diet can go a long way towards dictating your general health condition, but it must also be combined with a reasonable efforts on regular exercise to compliment it. If you are on diet but you are not combining it with the required exercise you might not notice an improvement in your weight as much as you want.

Good Reasons Why Both Dieting And Exercise Should Be Combined
They both complement each other, and it may be difficult to look good with one without the other. As an individual who is trying to lose weight due to high concentration of cholesterol. No matter how hard you control your diet, you might even starve yourself, yet you might not achieve much without at least a little bit of regular exercise.

In the same vein, you want to look fit and increase the level of your fitness. need more time to exercise and be committed to more training than before. But yet, your efforts may not be reflected in your looks if you are not combining it with some dieting. You need to be exercising at least a little bit on a regular basis. 

It is recommended that the average adult get at least two hours and thirty minutes of aerobic exercise each week. You should also do some muscle-strengthening exercise at least two days a week. Therefore, you will believe me, that exercise and dieting are like five and six, you should never have one without the other. Having a regular exercise and a good diet can completely guarantee an healthy life.

The logic is that, human's body do produce more antioxidants when we work out or do some exercise, and receives more antioxidants when we eat nutritious food. So therefore, combining the two will give you a better result in your way to significant weight lose and living healthy lifestyle.

Article By: Abolaji I.B. He is a fitness instructor, and a specialist on human kinetic.  

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  1. so true we cant say because we want to shed fat and not eat the sumptuous meal,in other to balance it,exercise,active movement is necessary to sweat out the unwanted fat.


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