Thursday, 10 December 2015

Six Good Qualities The Person You Want To Marry Must Possess

Qualities of a good partners for marriage
Though there is no general acceptable standard as to who the kind of person we are to marry should look like, either in appearance, moral or attitude. Being in a relationship is relatively easy but it is challenging when we want to take a decision weather to marry the person we are dating or not. In such situation, we go far beyond the looks and physical attraction to decide. We tend to look outward for more qualities before we take a final decision as to weather we should marry them or not.

With this post, I will outline some qualities to look out for in the person we are going to marry.

1) Loves You:  Love is most important in any relationship. Either in a dating or marital relationship, true love cannot be overlooked. He or She must have an unconditional love for you; this will be the base of your strong relationship as a married couple. Marriage brings in with it a lot of challenges and responsibilities, only a person who loves you truly and unconditionally will stay with you through thick and thin. Therefore, true love is very important. He/she must also understands that there is no perfect man or woman in life, so he/she must be ready to accepts your mistakes and errors and love you as such.

2) Must Be Faithful And Trustworthy: While trying to choose who you want to marry, don’t let the looks and charms of your partners mislead you. Your partner has to be faithful and trustworthy. To me, most of those partners who are constantly suspecting their lovers also have some element of doubt in their personality. Your partner must trust you, be faithful and must be trustworthy.

3) He/she Must Be Ready To Compromise: No relationship can survive without the both partners ready to make sacrifice. Making compromise is very important to establish a healthy and successful relationships. I'm not saying he/she should compromise by suppress his/her feelings and opinions for you but he/she must value your desire and respect them.

4) Must Enjoy Your Togetherness: Marriage is about learning to stay together. In most cases most couples would have to stay under the same roof for the rest of their lives. In case you want to make a choice of whom to marry, you must go for a partner who does not only enjoys your company but also prefers it to staying with anyone else on earth. He/she must not be that kind of person that never appreciate your being together in the slightest chance you got.

5) He/she Must Respect  Your Family: Families and its members plays a major role in our marital lives, therefore we cannot overlook their impact while trying to make a choice of whom to marry. One of the good qualities you should watch out for in anybody you want to marry is weather they respect your family or not. A person who respects your family definitely deserves to be a part of your life and your family. Never let go of anyone who not only likes but also respects your family.

6) Have The Same/Similar Lifestyle With You:  It is important that whenever you are making a choice for a life partner, try go for a person who shares the same beliefs, values and lifestyle with you. A marriage between two completely different partners may not work out fine. For instance, if you are a very humble husband, you might not be able to cope with a wife who is too arrogant or materialistic. Therefore, you have to make your choice wisely, keeping in mind your way of life, beliefs and values with that of the person you want to marry.

Do I missed anything out? I Hope This Helps?


  1. Very good relationship tips. Let me add one more thing, the person must be someone who has the fear of God in him/someone who shares the same faith with you.

    1. Hmmmmmmmm that's really very important. Most especially in our contemporary African families. Thanks for the contribution.

    2. But I'd the person does not share the same faith with you nko? But he possesses all these above listed qualities

    3. Bola...that's why I've stylishly refused to include it in the write up. Have seen people with different religious faith living well as couples. So on a secular basis, its not a thing to watch out for.

      But religiously, its 100% important to marry someone with the same faith..even traditionally it is.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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