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So Habits And Pains You Have To Let Go Before The Year Ends

what are the things to let go for this year end?
In recent time, most of my posts has been directed towards informing us on how to get prepared for the next coming year. Meanwhile for us to have a prosperous new year, it becomes necessary to prepare ground for that. Therefore, we must device ways of rounding up the year so that it can usher us into a productive new year we are hoping to experience. It becomes necessary for us at the end of each year to let go of everything that has had a negative impact on our lives. There are some pains, attitudes, addictions, individuals who are not just good to go into a new year with us, therefore we need to let go of them.

How I Let Go Of My Pains On A Yearly Basis
I do away with so many things on a yearly basis. It all started in 2013 December when I was opportune to meet my mentor for the first time. He came down to Nigeria, specifically to my University where he had a seminal to attend. 

I quickly seized the smallest opportunity I had to introduce myself to him and how long his write up has been mentoring me even though I never had any opportunity to contact him. After a brief discussion, he asked, if I had anything to do away with before the year runs out. It was already December and nothing on my mind.

The whole idea was new to me, and I don't think I had anything in mind to let go for the year. That was my response. So he took his time to explain while I had to let go of somethings that doesn't improve me rather than deprived me at the end of every year.

His discussion was an eye opener to me and it quickly reminded me that, over the years I had gone through so much heart ache and pains that I needed to let go. Though the decision was hard to make but it has transformed my life. Today, I'm so happy that I let go of them. Since that year it has become a kind of a tradition for me.

I never realized how much have being missing for all these years until I completely done away with some people, habits and addictions. I really regretted investing too much of my time and efforts in something fruitless, pointless and reward less. Until you do the same, you might not know how much burdens you are taking to the next year and their implications.

Below are some of the things I do to round up my years and prepare for a fruitful new year. 

1) Quit An Addiction And Bad Habits: Addictions are bad and they always have a negative ways of hinder our progress in life. Your new year resolutions would be difficult to achieve if you are still hooked with that addictive part of you. 

Check yourself, and find out what was the addiction that cost you your goal for the previous years? Why were you unable to achieve your cash saving goal for this year? Was it because you spent so much on alcoholic drinks which you are already addicted to? You have to quit that before going to next year.

2) Go Out Of Unhealthy Relationship: This may be difficult but it is very necessary and important to be done before next year. Why do you think striving in that same old unhealthy relationship for next year is still appropriate? Do you think you can cope? Are you sure something will change for the best? 

If you are not sure of these, why not kindly go out of that dying  relationship that may cost you your goals in the next coming year? They might have nothing good to offer you and nothing nice will ever come to you from them. Kindly show them out of your life and make sure you got them informed.

3) Let Go Of Your Anger: We are going into new year, so it becomes necessary to let go of whatever might have annoyed us. What was it that really teared us up and left us heartbroken that we felt we have to hold on to that for long? Who really offended you, who got you annoyed that you thought you can't forget? Its high time you let go of them. Just free your mind and let go.

4) Forget And Forgive: As the year comes to an end, you need to forgive everyone who has brought suffering to you. It might not be the easiest thing to do but do it anyway. Once you have forgiving, forgetting will become a lot easier. How can you forget when you even haven’t forgiven? So forget and forgive so that you can have no one in mind in the next coming year. So let go.

5) Let Go Of Depression: Are you struggling with depression and feeling suicidal? If the feeling of worthlessness is taking over your life because you felt you are not good enough. Before you move to another year, you must stop thinking about things that make you feel bad, unhappy and worthless. Stop criticizing and condemning yourself. Belief in yourself, and strive hard to achieve your goals for next year.

Do you have anything to do away with before the year runs out?

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