Friday, 11 December 2015

The Reasons Why I Stopped Using Make Up And Why I Want You To Do The Same

What Are The reasons why I need to stop make up
I don't want to bore you with the medical implications of wearing excessive make up. I only want to use this opportunity to share my experience with the use of make up and what finally pushed me to stop wearing it since January of this year till now. I love looking good and I'm a regular fan of make up. I so much rely on make up to the extent I can't feel comfortable for one minute without it. Just like a dream, I woke up on 1st of January this year and I just felt like I don’t need make up anymore. I see no reasons in adding beauty to myself with glossy eye-shadows. I was actually tired of hiding my imperfections under a thick layer of creams and foundation.

It wasn't easy and I must confess that nothing seems impossible than giving up on make up as a lady. But in almost twelve months today, I've broken all my relationships with wearing of make up. You may not believe me, but am proud to tell you that, going all natural made me feel more beautiful, sexier, responsible and confident.  

In case you want to try it for some days, here are the benefits I've experienced since I stopped wearing make up

1) I Save More Time Every Morning:  Its good to look good but we take so much time to get that done than necessary. No matter how early I woke up to prepare for school, I used to be a bit late than my male course mates who took their bath after me, just because I was taking my time to wear a befitting make up. As a lady who loves make up, you will need to apply more than ten beauty products to have a perfect look. Doing this sometimes takes about an hour. That means for you not to go late/work or school, you have to wake up an hour ahead of the normal time to take your bath. 

Since the day I stopped applying make up, I don't have to wake ahead of time again and that means I'm having enough sleep. Whenever I woke up earlier than normal, I do go for an in house exercise instead of going straight to take my bath. Which is even more beneficial to my health.

2) I Save My Money: Every time I check my make-up box and I noticed some stuff are almost empty, I start feel worried knowing that I would have to squeeze out of my pulse to get replacement. Sometimes I would have to cut my expenses unnecessarily just because I want to look good artificially. Ever since I stopped wearing make up, I no longer worry myself on cosmetics replacement's money. I can now use my money for something else. 

3) No Medical Implication Fear Again: One of the things that actually got me thinking about make up is the medical implications. I always want to know whether there is anything to be fear about or not. I read so many contradictory articles on its medical implications. I don't even know which one to believe or not. What I'm only sure of is that, most of the makeup we wear are toxic in nature.  

Unfortunately, a lot of them do contain harmful substances that get instantly absorbed by your skin. For instance, popular cosmetics ingredients such as sodium benzoate, propylene glycol, parabens, carcinogens and other acids cause allergic reactions on our skin. So the thought of all these got me quit wearing make up without looking back.

4) Everyone Now Recognized My Natural Looks: The moment I stopped wearing make-up, I felt exposed and uncomfortable, most especially as I was meant to go out for the new year without any. Though it was difficult to face the reality, and I found it difficult to believe that I would no longer hide behind a fancy facade with all the pimples, freckles and other tiny defects. 

I went out for the new year, and I noticed that no one really pays attention to those tiny imperfections except myself. No one say it, and no one gave me a special look. I just looked natural to everyone. Though I was not comfortable.
5) Giving Up On Make-up Raised My Self-Esteem: It was not until I stopped wearing make up that I realized that applying eye shadows, mascara and others have a great way of killing my self esteem. I never believed anyone will appreciate my look without make up. So, I used to cover up with it. What most ladies like me should do instead of covering up their-selves, they should focus on loving their natural look and embracing  their-selves. 

Your self confidence matters a lot in whatever you want to lay your hand to. If you are self confidence, you will love yourself and appreciate your look. This will make you believe that you do not need to make up to look appreciable. 

These are some of the experience I had to share, you may decide to give it a trial for a day, a week, a month or for a year, just like what I just did. It takes courage and determinations, though your look matters but it doesn't determine who you are. So don't build your beauty on make up.

Will You Like To Give It A Trial? 

Article Written By: Oluwatobilola Toyin. She is a friend, a student and a blog reader. She just loves sharing her experiences to help others.


  1. I agree with you on point hubby usually fight me anytime we go out cos I tend to waste time on make up

  2. no, i can't give it a trial though i go natural sometimes.


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