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Things Not To Do At The Christmas Office Party As A Staff

What not to do at Christmas office party
Hmmm here comes December. Few weeks and some days left to move into another new year. December used to be one of the favorite month for me in the office. So many things happen during this period, though it used to be the most hectic month for the nature of my job. As most companies' financial year end in December and financial statements are meant to be prepared and presented. 

The whole responsibility which is hanging on the account office's staff. Despite this busy period, it used to be fun with so many line up activities to round up for the year. This used to include, Presentation of gift to one another, End of the year bonus, Promotion and Christmas Office Party or End Of The Year Party. 

As many companies in a matter of days would be planning towards organizing their end of the year parties, I want you to bear in mind  that such occasion is organized to enjoy, share gift, give out awards, announce promotions and to have a good nice time together after an hectic work for the year. Unfortunately, this use to be an opposite to many staff. Most times the office party do turn into an embarrassment and terrible moment of the year for them.

In order to avoid turning this joyous moment to embarrassment, I'm sharing with you some things to avoid at the Christmas Office Party...in this year.  

1) Do Not Dress Abnormally: Remember you are going to an office party. You have to be mindful of how you dress. You don't have to be under dressed, neither do you need to over dressed. I'm aware that, so many woman will want to dress looking gorgeous and sexy. So they will prefer to rock their curve-clinging dresses and stiletto heels. 

Sincerely, if you really want to be taken seriously at work, you don't use office party as an opportunity to show off your figure. I'm not saying you should wear the same suits/shirts you wear to work everyday, but do keep it classy and beware of the make up you wear. Don't dress to be extremely sexy, am sure you won't like to see pictures of your half naked self  flying all over a co-worker’s social media profile. As for the guys, I know we don't have much problem with dressing and make up. Just get something nice for yourself.

2) Don't Attend Office Party With Uninvited Guests:  It's really pretty good that everyone will want to attend an office party with someone very special to them. On so many occasions, I've been invited to office parties which I attended. For you to decide whether to go with someone or not, kindly check the invitation. 

If the invitation does not clearly state that you are welcome to bring a guest, ask about your company’s policy before bringing anyone else. If for any reasons your partner is not invited, kindly tell them to stay behind, that you would be bank soon. Don't go and disgrace yourself, your partners or your friends.

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3) Eat With Caution: I don't know how you are going to do this, but left for me, I always eat at home before attending any party. So even if the food is classic, expensive and delicious, I do try to use good manners in eating. Office party is usually a serve yourself event, but don’t overload your plate. You must also be cautious on how you dispose your used toothpicks and every other eating aids. 

Most people don't take this serious, but it is very important. Don't make effort to sneak out snacks to give people at home or for later consumption. Being seen doing this doesn't tell well of your image as someone that can represent the company outside, when the need arises.

4) Don't Get Yourself Drunk: When you drink excessively at the office party, you are likely going to misbehave and you will surely regret this as long as you will continue to see your co-workers. It is advisable that you don't take alcohol at all. Don't be intimidated to drink, even if there’s an open bar and the booze is free. Just dance around with a glass cup and a table water to deceive them you are drinking.

5) Don't Use The Opportunity To Ridicule Your Boss At Work: I'm not saying that you should feel intimidated. Just be aware that because your boss and some top management officials decided to attend the party doesn't  mean they are your mate or friends. Don't use the opportunity to seek for undue promotion from the personnel manager either. Just present yourself normal, and enjoy the moment.

6) Avoid Sexual Advances: Nothing is as tough as this among what have early listed above. You have a crush among your co-workers and you want to rock him/her at the office party. This is bad. It is capable of sending you back to job search market. If you are married already, this can lead to divorce in your family.

Just imagine that the pretty sexy looking lady you just approached turns out to be the director's wife...You are done with the job I think.

The way you appear and behave in your company's Christmas party has a long way in affecting your career. So watch out.

I hope this help?

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