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Three Wrong Beliefs Depriving You From Finding True Love

What is stopping you from finding true love
Unfortunately things are no longer what they used to be before in the dating scene. Then the whole thing was left in the hand of the guys who are expected to come and propose ladies for a relationship. Now, both gender has to be prepared and be ready to find love and possibly make it happened. Today, there are so many single individuals who actually want to be in relationships, but could not.  At a start, everyone including him/her will feels its normal, but after two, three,...five and six to seven years and still single. That's when desperation sets in to play as a result of social pressure.

 Not finding true love at the right time can be frustrating. It can be confusing and can make someone to lose hope. I know how you feel after several years of waiting and searching for real love and its not forthcoming. Believe me, you’re not alone. Possibly, you are a believer of some wrong beliefs or myths which are capable of depriving you from finding the love you deserved.

With this post, I would like to share three common wrong beliefs that may be preventing you from finding your true love.

1) Leaving Love To Fate:  It is not new that, there are some individuals who want to love, they want to be in a blissful relationship, they want to marry to the right person but do not see themselves playing any role in making this happen. They are not just doing anything about it.

As one of my female friends do say, even though she is seriously in need of a responsible guy for dating. Yet, she still claims that she has let fate to decide if she would find love or not. She don't believe in searching for love, she only hold to the ideology that love is what happened by itself and nothing can be done to aid it. So she had left love to fate.

As I always stand to disagree with her, everyone has his/her own responsibility to play in finding a true love. One of those things is to align your intention with your action in finding love. I've seen so many ladies who always claimed they want to be in a relationship and deep down their hearts they are really ready. But on the outside they possessed this huge signboard that scares guys away. Either presenting them as uninterested or already engaged.

So for you to attract that love of your life, you must be conscious of your roles in finding your love not by leaving everything to be brought to you by fate as you claimed.
2) We Don't Find True Love It Comes By Itself: It very possible that you are among the believers of this ascension. You just believed love should happen naturally. This has stopped you from taking deliberate action to find true love and make you believed that you will just get love in your natural environment (School, Office or Religious Houses).

Your belief might start working against you if unfortunately you are unable to meet any one compatible in your natural environment. You don't want to go extra miles to get real love and you haven’t met anyone in school, and your current workplace has no compatible matches and you are not ready for internet dating, arranged wedding and others. What will you do?u

I hope you are not expecting your future partner to jump out from your television set? If you are not, that means you will have to ignore that wrong belief and get to meet new people, check out for love online and tell more people that you are really in need of a good partner instead of a wrong assumption that love only comes naturally.

3) No Available Good Men/women  For A Relationship Again: I never  believed there are people with this kind of ridiculous wrong belief until recently when I met a guy online who claimed he was unable to find love because good ladies have all be taken. My only response to him was that, there are a lot of amazing wonderful girls out there who are single and searching. That someone is unable to meet them yet doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

I was only telling him this because, I believed that, no matter who you are, your age, or your background, there are compatible matches out there for you. There are tons of great single guys and girls out there for a great relationship. If you think otherwise, that’s just because you haven’t met them yet. All you need to do is to search in the right direction.

It could be that you've being busy searching for a right relationship in a wrong place. So check yourself and correct that wrong belief.

Love is a beautiful thing, and it’s something  everyone deserved and also want to enjoy. If you are reading this article today, and you are yet to find that special love of your life, please don’t give up. Don't allow those wrong beliefs to deprive you of your happiness. You can still find love.  All you need to do is to focus your energy on aligning yourself and attracting your best love.

I Hope This Helps?

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