Thursday, 3 December 2015

Top Three Gadget's Distractions That Make Students Fail In Schools

With the increase in the widespread of technology and internet facilities in our own generation. People are finding it difficult to hold on to a single task for a long period of time without been distracted. This is not only peculiar to adults, but also include elementary school, college and higher institutions' students. 

As a matter of fact, there are so many available facilities to get them distracted which always have an adverse effect on their performance in school. So many students fail their schools' exam not because they are intellectually poor, but because of their addictions to some gadgets that are capable of distracting them.

There are so many ways through which they are being distracted, but here are the top cause of distraction that make children fail in school exam.

1) Engaging Too Much Time In Playing Video/Android Games: Though they say, all work without play makes Jack a dull boy. It is necessary to rest and relax after a hectic day in school. Buy yet, you don't have to play video game for the rest of your day. 
Playing game with your phone could also be a kind of  stress reliever. but if care is not taking and you forget yourself in the world of the game, it can make you forget  your real-life stresses, plans, and target academically.

As a parent who want to allow their children to relax and be engaged with video games after school. You have to dictate the tasks they must accomplish before going for the game. It could be their assignment or so, ensure they do it first.  Then, once they start playing, you have to decide ahead when you will stop them and no going back about it. So that they won't stay playing game for a whole long hours.
2) The Frequent Use Of Your Phone/tablet: I believe an average college student has a phone which is connected to the internet. So For such students the frequent checking of their phones for a new chat, social medial updates are not new. Most times they are more or less addicted to doing this. 

That's why most users do it without even thinking, they just bring out their phones and sweep the home screen or app for any possible updates when they heard a tone. The best thing to do is to turn off your phone's sound whenever you are in class or while studying. As a parent, you need to discourage your children from going to school with phones or tablets to avoid unnecessary distraction.
3) Online Entertainment Gist: One of the top most distraction any student could get while studying is surfing online for entertainment gist to relax. You tend not to have them enough. they are always forthcoming, and you can stay long hours checking for them. Whether it’s checking your Facebook timeline, searching for  new music to download, are all capable of distracting you from going back to your book.

If you must surf for an entertainment gist online, you just have to time yourself and predetermine when to stop. So that you won't  spend your whole day online.

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