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What To Say To The Girl You Just Met For The First Time To Get Her Attention

how to tell the gil you just met you love her
Back then in the school, I had to let go some pretty girls I so much love because it took me a so long time to develop an easy and attractive way of starting up a discussion with the girl I just met. Then, it use to be the most difficult thing for me to do. Starting up an interesting discussion with the girl am just meeting for the very first time was not easy and some times, I just have to let go.

As a guy am so sure on several occasions so many wonderful girls would have also be left to work out. Probably because you don't always know how to start up a conversation with them, or you completely lack what to say. Don't worry, I was once faced with this problem for a very long time.
I had to work on myself and today, I can approach any girl with an empty brain and instantly make nice interesting conversation that will capture her attention.

Do you want to learn how I made this happened? Here are some valuable tips on how to talk to the girl you are just meeting for the first time.

1) Be Confident: Yeah...your level of confidence really matters. You seriously need that, to get started. Confidence will make you believe that whatever you are to that girl, is worthy and nothing is wrong in it. This will give you the inspiration to say whatever you want. With self confidence, you can easily give her a serious eye to eye contact with which communication is made easier.

2) Stop Thinking...Start Talking: One of the mistakes I used to make in those days was whenever I was to approach a girl, I do waste much time thinking of how to start. Instead of me to talk and let keep ourselves busy, I preferred thinking. You might not have anything in mind or head as you just met her, but you just have to start saying something, believing yourself that whatever shit stories you tell her, she will definitely be interested and listen to you.

So continue to talk, you know ladies can form, so don't be surprised they are not responding. She might be pressing her phone or doing something else while you talk. So ladies might even be shy or are not responding because they are in bad mood...but never stop talking. You can also try to say something funny, may be that will spark the discussion.

3) Be Natural As Much As Possible: You don't have to pretend and be a fake person because you want to start up a discussion with the girl you just met. Use your normal intonation, don't speak unnecessary gamma, or pretend to be what you are not. Just try to be carefree and say out whatever comes your mind. give her some compliments, tell her she looks pretty, you like her dress, her phone is nice, you once used the type of her phone and so on.

4) Don't Place Them To Be Too High: That you are just meeting a girl for the first time doesn't make her special than other girls around. So you don't need to set the discussion too high. Believe me, any nice talk  you used to discuss with other girls will also do it for her. Don't be surprised she will also laugh loud at your compliment and jokes just like other ladies do.

Starting a discussing with the girl you are just meeting could be so difficult sometimes when you are not bold enough or when you take things beyond normal level. So just be free and express yourself. If you considered some of the tips above, I'm sure taking to any girl will ot be a problem to you.

I Hope this Helps?

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  1. Heheheeee... Then, when I want to approach a lady, I feel shy all of a, then I look myself in a mirror and say: why shall I shy? lols. I remember those days.
    These tips you stated here are most helpful especially for those in the shy category.

    Cheers bro.
    Egwumba’s Blog


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