Thursday, 3 December 2015

What You Must Know And Consider Before Getting Marriage

What to do before getting married
Marriage is a union between two partners with the intention of staying and living together as one till death do them apart. So therefore, whatever plan an individual want to make about marriage should be well thought. You must both consider your readiness, maturity, finance, attitude, family, and open up some other important discussion. So many factors just had to be considered before you say ''I do".

If you are among the couples that are still planning to get married before this year runs out, here are some factors to be considered before going into marriage.

1) Make Sure You Are Ready For Marriage: This is the most important question to ask yourself the moment you want to start preparing for marriage. are you really ready to be committed to marriage. Marriage as an institution has its own ethics, does and don't. So if you are preparing to go into an healthy marriage, you must be able to convince yourself that you are ready to be committed to marriage and no going back. Even when the going go tough.

2) Be You've Met The Right Partner: It is one thing to be ready for marriage, and it's another thing to meet the right partner. It is possible someone is ready, but the partner is not ready or not even the right one at all. So, take your time to ensure you are with the right person, before you consider going into marriage. Doing this will prevent you from unnecessary broken home in the nearest future.

You also need to know deep down your heart that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. If there is any doubt about that, kindly don't go into marriage.

3) Meet His/her Family And Ensure They Welcome You: Its really funny these days, you see couples engaging themselves without knowing each others' family. They just met somewhere around and decided to get married by next weekend. Marriage is not done that way. Though it may be easy to go into, but difficult to cope with. If you meet the family, you will find out so many thing yourself, which will help you in making decision.

4) You Must Be Ready To Compromise: Marriage is much about making sacrifice. Making sacrifice for your spouse, your children and even your in law. You can only meet up with all these by ready to compromise certain things about yourself. 

If you are a committed football fan, be ready to compromise and sacrifice watching of some matches some day, because your wife and children want to watch another channel at the same time. What I want you to know before getting married is that, making of sacrifice is a must. If you are not ready for that, please don't go for marriage.


  1. nice points.....

  2. Very good and important points to consider before saying "I do".

  3. The first And last Are the most important I can tell you.


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