Monday, 14 December 2015

Your Efforts Are Not Appreciated And Reasons Why Nobody Will Do

why is my efforts not been appreciated by my wife, husband and family
Do you ever feel like your efforts are not appreciated? Your efforts are not appreciated by your husband, your wife, your boyfriend, girlfriend, your boss or your family? Are you becoming so worried because no matter how hard you tried, nobody is just there to appreciate your efforts? Does it worth worrying about? Do you really need to frustrate yourself because of  this? Wait let me tell you the reality.

It could be your family, your wife, husband or anyone. Certain people will not try to appreciate you until they finally lose you and until you are no longer there for them. Whenever you give, they will surely take. Some give you a 'thank you' while some will not bother to do that. But no matter how frequent you give they always demand for more. If you give a cash, they want a cloth. If you dash a cloth they want a car. You give a day’s time, they want a week, and you wonder if you’ll ever do enough.

Why Your Efforts Are Not Appreciated

Now this is a clear case of efforts not been appreciated. If your problem is in anyway similar with this, mind you, you are not alone. So many people are also facing the same issue. 

In most cases, when you see and recognized a great opportunity for them to take, you feel excited and eager to show them, but when you do, they never appreciate instead their look of disappointment quickly brings you down and got you discouraged. 

In your attempt to explain and to further describe the benefits therein, the unimpressed look in their eyes crushes your soul and make you heart beat so fast. Nobody needs to tell you that your efforts are not appreciated.

In spite all these, you refused to give up and you invested so much time and resources to build a worthwhile lives for them. You do all your best to ensure your plan and vision work out fine thinking maybe by then they will start to see what you see and appreciate your efforts. 

Yet, they never see it and they are not just care to appreciate your efforts. They don't see the beautiful life you are giving them, they only see what you are not able to give. Your efforts is not appreciated, just don't be frustrated.

Don't see it as been strange, it could be your family members, your boss at work, your spouse or boyfriend, they won't just be the type that appreciate your effort. No matter how much effort and resources you committed to serve them, they will always ask for more and look down on what you do. 

The reason is that, most times people can’t see what they have. Maybe they’re overlooking, being ungrateful, or just wickedness. They can’t see and appreciate what they have until it’s gone, and unfortunately that means you won’t be appreciated until your efforts cease to exist. Until what you are giving them is finally ceased. Until when you are finally not their for them again, that's when your efforts would be appreciated.

Please stop worrying yourself about them, just do the best you can and leave them to appreciate or remain ungrateful for life.

Are all your efforts been appreciated?

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  1. "Please stop worrying yourself about them, just do the best you can and leave them to appreciate or remain ungrateful for life."
    One day, someone will appreciate it


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