Monday, 25 January 2016

3 Daily Mistakes You Make That Will Never Make You Lose Any Fat

What is stopping me from fat loss?

For some times now, one of my clients has been trying to lose weight but all efforts are working against her. After rigorous exercise and diet observation, I expect her to notice improvement, but none. This is contrary to the normal phenomenon. Her problem is not because she is extremely over weight but its just because she is sabotaging the whole process herself.

What people don't know is that, weight loss requires a lot of commitment, and you just have to give it that to succeed. Some people believe in the diet or food supplement, not knowing that sabotaging your weight loss efforts involves more than just cheating on your diet. 
It could happen when you set goals you can't meet and when you refuse to appreciate yourself when you notice a little improvement in you body.

Here Are Few Things She Did That Sabotage Her Weight Lose Efforts:

1) Setting An Unachievable Goals:  The first day we met at the gym and she approached me. After listening to her, I knew it would be difficult for her to get through. The first question she asked me was if she can lose 30 to 40 pounds before the following month. I guessed she had a wedding to attend or something. Though I refused to ask her.

I smiled and quickly told her not to bring such kind of approach to weight lose, because it will never work. To lose weight, you must follow the proper procedures and the duration matters. No magic and no miracle in doing it.
Setting a too extremely high target to lose weight won't work out, you just need to do it as required by expert. You undertake regular exercise, drink more water, eat less calories and do some other a lot of things. They are not what anybody can claimed to had achieved within a very short period of time. Aiming too high, is a way of sabotaging your weight lost efforts.

2) Procrastination: She is just too perfect in procrastinating. She can give me a call today and claim she will definitely be at the gym tomorrow and fail. She always get one thing or the other to hold her back. Sometimes she complains of getting too tired after work and she couldn't wake up for morning exercise. 

She is so good at promising tomorrow... 'Don't worry I will surely do it tomorrow' but I know its a lie. She will still postpone it to another tomorrow when tomorrow comes.

No matter how great your desire to burn fat is, am scared you won't lose any weight if you have this kind of attitude. You have to be committed to the exercise religiously. You have nothing to be scared of, go to gym, control your diet, and do some other necessary things at the right time is the simple best way to burn fat. 

3) Eating Indiscriminately: Excessive fat mostly got into our bodies through what we eat and drink. Which means if we can control ans watch most of what we consume, we can actually deal with weight.

Contrarily, it is mostly common to see people claiming they want to burn fat but eating food indiscriminately. They just eat anything, anyhow at any time. Am sorry no matter how much time you committed in doing exercise, you might5 not notice any changes. 

Watch what you eat, and don't just feed on anything that comes your way.

I Hope This Helps?
Article By: Abolaji I.B. A Fitness trainer and human kinetic expert.


  1. Truly, some people claim they want to burn fat but you still see them consuming anything that comes their way. Such people are not serious, and are not ready to help themselves

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  2. very true

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  3. eatind discriminately is the worst,some people wull claim they are watching their weight of which they eat any thing they see.smh no control

  4. End time mistakes.

    Number 2 is the worst . lol

  5. Using my words for me....Hmmmmmmm. I remain quite.

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